Sunday, October 21, 2007

Demanding? Me???

I don't consider myself too terribly demanding. However, City Boy would likely disagree. Or perhaps, rather than demanding, he would call it nagging. Not that I'm a nag. At all. No, really, I'm not. Just because I know what I want and I ask for it (often) doesn't mean I nag...does it? Perhaps I am demanding...

MiKaela, from Rising Rainbow, tagged me in a game of "When I become Famous...", and says I'm to list my demands. Up until now, my demands have been from someone very infamous. Wait...non-famous? Well, an unknown. I can demand and stomp my feet all day and no one runs to get me a Nestle Deluxe Hot Chocolate with real whipping cream and those cute little sprinkles on top. Instead they leave me to my tantrum until I'm forced to find some form of substitute chocolate...usually a packet of Swiss Miss, minus whipping cream...and make it myself.

But if I were famous...

1) I expect to be met in the morning with my hot chocolate, perfectly topped with real whipping cream (whipped fresh, naturally, just before I walked through the room) and decadent chocolate shavings on top. Forget the little sprinkles, I'm famous now.

2) Someone shall have my riding gloves laid out where I can find them, because right now I haven't a clue where I've laid them last. And riding gloves are a must with young snorty horses who like to pull loose from you given half a chance.

3) It would be nice if someone did my laundry. I haven't the time, and eventually City Boy begins to complain about the stench that currently follows me. Honestly, I've no problem with people who smell like the barn, but City Boy claims smelling like the manure pile isn't all that appealing. So here, take this and wash it while I'm out, will you?

4) Um, still waiting for the chocolate on top of my whipping cream here...

5) Did anyone donate a trailer to my cause yet? Hello?! I need a trailer. Now. Like...yesterday! You'd think I was asking for the moon here, people! No, just a nice little gooseneck with living quarters, carries something like half a dozen horses, has a rack on top for their hay, I need a know, nothing too fancy, just enough to get by. And while you're at it, dahlings...a truck to tow it. Okay, like, just get on it already!

6) My boots are dirty. Who didn't polish my boots?

7) I'd like a new saddle. No, make that two new saddles. I'd like one of those Australian Stock Saddles because they just look so darned comfy! And I want a new reining saddle. Custom made, naturally, by Curt Storbakken.

8) Will someone put up my round pen for me, please? And footing. Simply must have good footing in there.

9) Hello? Still waiting on those chocolate shavings for my hot chocolate!

10) Sliding windows to throw hay into the stalls, please, dear. I know, I know...nag, nag, nag.

11) Can we please get some more gravel delivered? I'd like to build up the stalls a bit, put a path about 8 feet wide along the front of the top pasture so that I've got a dry 'trail' to lead the horses (or sheep) along from paddocks to lower pasture.

12) Excuse me?!?! My hot chocolate is now cold chocolate and we'll have to start all over again.

You see? I'm not that demanding...or desperate...or I?

Desperate Horsewife
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Rising Rainbow said...

I'm afraid I end up with the Swiss Miss too, what is the deal??

Thanks for playing.

photogchic said...

We've got a diva here! Great list Tracie--I have a chocolate craving now!