Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Rep moved to a new barn the other day where we'll start her under saddle. Once she's titled in a couple months, she moves to the Spokane region with her (soon to be) new owners.

Today she stood tied to the wall during lesson time, fully saddled, six horse trotting and loping past, giving them little to no heed. THEN the engine of the HydraBull revved up...and...and...and...

...nothing. She stood like a pro.

Untied her, led her over to where she could watch, leaned my hip into her ribs like it was a leg, had my arm drapped over the saddle and hand down on her opposite side, patting and moving like it may be another leg. She just stood and watched the goings on. I think I could have been sitting on top of her without her skipping a beat.

Bad Reputation. So much for living up to her name!


Shirley said...

You picked a good one there, Hope she does well with her new owners.

Crystal said...

Sure seems like a perfect horse to take all that in.

Keechy said...

She still looks pretty immature to me. Her growing bones won't be up to much work yet. I'm sure you aren't planning on too much work under saddle for her yet but thought it worth mentioning in case someone was reading this and did too much with their horse too early.