Saturday, January 14, 2012

It's MOVIE Time!

Legendario, still in the stallion pen at the BLM in Oregon.

South Steens Excursion!

Ditto and Jingles (the old mare, now 28), and Juniper make their way across the desert. The bachelors...or are they former bachelors?...way out in the distance, include Dibs, Little Brother, Red Vogue and Yellow Boy. This spring you may recall Red Vogue actively pursuing a mare I dubbed Fruit Loop (Lupe is her official name.) Here, he seems hardly his virile self, which has us concerned. Yellow Boy (last clip) has two mares and a yearling colt with him now. These mares were with McCloud just 10 days earlier. We are left wondering what has happened that McCloud would lose all of his mares (a coming 2 year old is also now with another stallion) in the past couple of weeks.


McCloud, photographed in May, 2011


Margaret said...

Such beauty and I love that you try and keep track. McCloud... you haven't seen him at all? What a beautiful photo you captured of him. And Legend seems very friendly - I can't wait to see him come along in training... you are doing that, right?

Tracey said...

My friend Maggie spotted McCloud over the new year weekend along with his two mares and the yearling colt. The grulla 2 year old was with another stallion at that point.

When we were there this week, the two mares and colt were with Yellow Boy, and we never saw McCloud. Most likey some sort of battle has weakened him so that he was unable to hang onto his mares; he's a little older and wiser than Yellow Boy, so it would seem unlikely the young stallion would simply defeat him and take the spoils...hard to say, though.

And yes, Dario is here until he's gentle enough to move to his new home. That means he's got to lead, load, and pick up all four feet for cleaning.

Cheyenne said...

Damn! They are good!

Crystal said...

That Dario, sure a handsome looking horse, just like the knights woulda rode.