Friday, January 13, 2012

The Legend is Here


The weather went from snow to 40 plus degrees on Tuesday. Crazy, bi-polar, Harney County weather. I must say the drive home on Wednesday was less than ideal. Two solid hours of heavy fog in 12 degrees does not make for carefree driving. Thankfully, it was sitting just high enough above the road for us to have good visibility...but we sure were happy once we were over the hill and away from it!


We arrived on Monday afternoon in plenty of time to stop and take a visit at the corrals. Plenty of lovelies waiting to be adopted, including these yearling fillies. Don't you just want to bring a dozen home?


We'd wandered two thirds of the way around before we came to a pen full of recently gelded stallions. It took me a while to realize that Dario was among them. Why it took me so long, I do not know, as he stood out like a sore thumb in that pen of dark horses!

Our goal had been to make it up to the South Steens by sunset. Alas, we were running late, and by the time we unloaded our belongings into our rented cabin, the darkness had settled around us. With a nearly full moon, however, we decided to hit the trail into mustang country just the same.

In the dark, everything looks different. Spotting horses can by tricky enough in the daylight, but in the shadows of the sage, it would be nearly impossible. Or so I thought, until Deb hollered out, "There! See it? I see a horse like shadow."


We carefully picked our way across the desert floor towards the shadow, which for some reason wasn't moving any more than the sage around us. But there was no mistaking the outline of a just who was this mustang before us?


A few more yards and we could make out Holly, the coming two year old daughter of Noelle. She was sleeping contentedly until we had stumbled upon her. Never one to have been very fearful of us, Holly continued to stand, relaxed, as we photographed her in the dark. This truly is a lovely young mare. If she is gathered off the range next fall (which is the next scheduled gather), she will make someone a very nice horse.


Wednesday morning had us up early, ready to load up and head home. Legendario was waiting. I snapped a few photos, and sent one to his future adopter via my cell phone while I was at it (don't you love cell phones and what they can do?!)

Aside from the fog, the drive was smooth sailing. It's a 12 hour drive from my place to the corrals, and by the time we arrived back here, Dario was exhausted. I can't even imagine what must go through the mind of a mustang in the months between gather and becoming gentled. Thankfully, they are a very forgiving and adaptable creature. Let's hope Legendario makes the transition smoothly!



Margaret said...

This is going to be wonderful to watch! I love his coloring and what a face.

Shirley said...

Striking looking horse. Do you know the story behind the scar?

Tracey said...

The scar isn't really a scar...just a big old scrape down his face. The hair will grow back eventually.

I'll post more on him the meantime, anyone wanting more photos can visit my photo album on facebook!

cdncowgirl said...

Oh I saw a filly I'd like in that first pen! The "plain little bay" up front, next to the bay with the big blaze.

And Holly *sigh* if she was gathered I'd love to have her. Sadly that wouldn't be possible, I'm in Canada.

Tracey said...

Cowgirl, that 'plain bay' is actually a roan, and she's super nice!

And don't you go discounting yourself just because you're in Canada; I've got a very good client who lives in BC at the moment and will soon be relocating to Alberta...she's my Canadian Connection, lol! I get the horse titled and she buys it...or pays board...and then up it goes. Eventually, I WILL get a wild one up to you, lol!

shadowlake2005 said...

Hubba hubba. What a horse! can't wait to see and hear more of him.

aurora said...

I never get tired of looking at pictures from your unique experiences.

Legend definitely stands out.

Wow, that Holly - what a nice looking sweet mare!

cdncowgirl said...

oooh goody!! **claps hands** I would LOVE to get a mustang that is competitive at barrels. Can you just picture the looks on the other girls faces when I ride the brand and beat their fancy QHs? lol