Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wild in Spring

So, while y'all were busy with barbecues and parties over Memorial Day, Darling and I were busy working ourselves to nearly to death.

Yes, that's right. Blood, sweat and tears...and all that jazz. Driving miles, hiking hills, braving the weather (which included snow and hail, I might tell you!) in an effort to photograph wild ponies in the spring. And we did it all Just For You!






Tell me, was it worth our efforts? Does this make you smile? Maybe? Just a little?


Jiller said...

Yes it does! What wonderful photo's! Sorry you have to deal with the crazy weather! Thanks for sharing with us!

Jeni said...

Oh gosh.. I'm in love! That black stallion .. WOWOW !! and the Medicine Hat !!!! EYE CANDY !

Tracey said... good to know I've got some folks slobbering and drooling!

The medicine hat at the top is the daughter (well, didn't see boy bits, so I'm thinking it's a filly) of the pintoloosa mare (second photo.)

The black stallion is Sox, whom we first met in '08. He's just getting hunkier and hunkier!

Donna Gunn said...

I'm definitely slobbering. Pintos are the world's prettiest horses. Thanks for sharing the eye candy.

Mrs Mom said...

Amazing Tracey. Tellin ya girl-- in the time we've been blogging here, your photography skills have kept growing and growing. These are stunning!!! Keep it up!!

Dom said...


wilsonc said...

Love them all but especially that last one.

Paint Girl said...

I've been drooling over all your pictures on facebook and I am definitely in love with all the color!! Very jealous!

Becky said...


And how in the world is that black stallion stays black? Does he secretly cover himself up and go into a barn at night to prevent getting sunbleached?

This herd is like something out of a movie. Thanks for making my morning with the gorgeousness.

Pony Girl said...

Beautiful photos, Tracey! Love the splashes of pony color! Hope all is well with you!!

Tracey said...

Becky, excellent question regarding Sox's blacker than black color. I don't ever recall him being sunburned. Odd, eh?

So glad y'all are having the same trouble I had while photographing them. Good thing the camera was up at my eye because I needed a drool cloth :)

Mrs, what a sweet compliment. But then, you're always such a great booster of my self esteem!

Shirley said...

You sure got some great shots. I've seen them on facebook too. What did you end up with for a title on the last one?

Tracey said...

Thanks, Shirley. The last one ended up "Colored Wild, Painted Free".