Thursday, May 26, 2011

Three Sure Signs of Spring


The apple trees finally have blossoms.


The 'Spring Pig' has arrived


Your horse is dressing like a dork...

Are there signs of spring at your house yet?


Shirley said...

Apple blossoms- check. The only spring pigs here are the dogs after running through the mud puddles. And so far, the bugs are minimal.

Pony Girl said...

Cute- love the horse dressed like a dork! ;-)
My horse is still wearing a rain sheet or blanket off and on depending on our silly weather!
Hey- my word verification is "grain." hee hee!

froglander said...

Here, Spring is the week when the leaves fall off the trees and then we head straight into Summer.

I /wish/ my horse could look like a dork, but I worry he'd get too hot.

Crystal said...

hehe I have been thinking about fly masks, but I kinda would like ones that are longer and cover the nose.

The apple blossems are so pretty.