Friday, June 17, 2011

Wild At Home


It was toe trimming time. Both Rep and Max came with ferociously long toes, and they were getting worse by the minute. With both of them (finally) picking up all four feet easily enough, I put a call in to Dave (Sandy's owner) to come see what he could do to help the little girls out.

Rep is typically so friendly, sweet and mellow...but she opted not to show that side. Nope. She wanted nothing to do with a pedicure, thank you very much. HEY! Did you hear me? That tickles. Stop. I'm going over here now, good bye. Can we say Bad Reputation???

Mind you, she was still very much easier than Steve Holt! on his first toe trim (and second and third and fourth and...) It was mainly her left front that she felt didn't need to be touched. But she finally worked the wiggles out and stood like a good girl.

Max, on the other hand... Well, Mighty Max is our sparkler girl. She's bright and shiny and has a bit of get up and go to her. However, she's also the one who, once she knows what you're expecting, does just what needs to be done. And so it was that Max was the shining star of the hour, even using the hoof jack on a couple of occasions.


So now both girls have pretty pedicures, and I'm sure it feels rather funny not having toes drag on the ground when you walk. In typical Max and Rep form, Max took off to try her new feet, while Rep stood placidly at the fence wondering when someone was going to come pet her.


McKenzie said...

Glad everyone survived the first trim!

Gorgeous horses ☺

Shirley said...

Rio got his first trim yesterday too.
Rep sure has a pretty face!

Anonymous said...

Good work! They're both beautiful!

Crystal said...

sure like that pretty face in the last pic! Good to hear they got a foot trim and werent tooo bad for it

Tracey said...

McKenzie, thank you. But you know what? I'm still kicking myself for not keeping Beamer! Hope she's doing well under saddle for you!

Shirley, isn't she just the sweetest? She's just too darned laid back to be a cutter, I'm thinking, but such a lover I have a hard time thinking about parting with her.

Thank you, Kate!

Crystal, that's Max down there at the bottom. You'd never know she was a mustang; she's got the most refined head!

Margaret said...

The first picture is pure sweetness and the second is truly a beauty!

Ranch Girl Diaries said...

My Boy is due for a pedicure, too! He will have a new farrier, that will be interesting.
Love the photos!