Sunday, June 12, 2011

But the Real Question Is...

High on the mountain top, where the coyotes sing and the winds howl, this is where you'll find my wild horses. The grass is good, with spring rains ending (they hope) a drought which has lasted several years in this region. The horses are looking sleek and fit...some are borderline fat! This is a good thing, because it won't be long before the blazing sun dries up this land and grass again becomes sparse.

But on this particular morning, everything was...well...picture perfect. And as we stood among the bands, a little movement caught my eye. I took a step and peered closely, and smiled when I saw the little black years flickering. A few more steps and the black colt was visible. Be still my heart...I think I may just be in love!



Stud Muffin?


Heart Throb?


Cruiser (yearling colt), on the left, and Chenelle on the right.


My knees are weak, I swear!


Is that a cow horse look on Chenelle, or what?


Peeking from behind momma.

But the real question is...
Who's the Stud Muffin's Daddy?





Both of these stallions are with a small group of mares. Cascade, the pinto, is the clear band leader. However, Sox is his number two in command and is never far away. So who sired my little heart throb?


Margaret said...

Oh, these photos are mesmerizing! Such beauty and spirit... Wow.

Tracey said...

Thank you, Margaret, glad you're mesmerized! It's always such a treat to visit the ponies and I love being able to share them with everyone :)

Keechy said...

He certainly looks like Sox and looks like he'll have the same solid build, so might have been a sneaky tryst there. :)

Margaret said...

I just have to tell you... I've spent the last 30 minutes pouring over your photos... Amazing!

Cheyenne said...

Sometimes there is a moment, it can happen any time. When I opened this post, I was just starting my first coffee of the day!.....It is still the first one of the day, its cold, but I had to enlarge these shots, and stare for a long time!


Kendall said...

Oh, those pictures were beautiful!

Dom said...

I'm not sure what I'm more jealous of... the pretty ponies or the gorgeous backgrounds.

Crystal said...

Wow sure are looking good this time of year out there!

Shirley said...

I think Sox is the daddy too. Will this colt be in the round up and available for adoption someday?

Tracey said...

The Steens are tentatively scheduled for a gather in 2013...two more years. Depending on how the colt looks, and how many horses they're allowed to put back on the range, he may or may not be available. But if he's looking as good as I'm thinking he will, I may need to step in and adopt before he heads back out onto the range :)

I need to figure out a western type name for him, don't I?