Friday, April 15, 2011


The other day I decided Rufus needed a hair cut. He's half Shih Tsu and half Eskimo. He's got that fine Eskimo undercoat with the long Shih Tsu top coat. When it snows, he likes to roll and gets all sorts of matts going in it. Then that bottom layer begins to shed and it makes a real mess. So I pulled out my clippers and thought I'd play dog groomer.


Rufus isn't speaking to me anymore.

Darling and I were driving down the road when we spotted a woman with puppies under each arm walking across her lawn and placing them into a pen. There were already a few pups in the pen, and she was heading back to the barn and grabbing more when we decided to turn around and pull into her driveway.

Nothing like stopping at a strangers to ask if you can play with their puppies. And all I can say is, it couldn't be helped. Really, could you have helped yourself?


No, I don't think you could have! And neither could we. His name is Tucker. And Rufus now hates us even more.


Shirley said...

Aha! A new addition! Is he an Aussie?

Leah Fry said...

Yeah, I had to swear off stopping a long time ago. Last time my head was turned by a cute face, Martha came home to live with us. Like I needed another stinking, nasty little JRT mix.

Cheyenne said...

Very cute!

froglander said...

Yay, finally the story of the cute pup I've seen pics posted of!

So...where's the after pic of Rufus???

Blob said...

Poor Rufus! He's my favorite!

(Tucker is very, very cute)