Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cuttin' Loose!

Yesterday Darling and I climbed into the truck, along with Tucker, at 4 am. We picked up the Cowboy and the Doc, along with their horses, and hauled on down to the first cutting of the season for the Cuttin' Loose Club.

The Doc and The Cowboy

The Doc is 85 years old, and owns Darling's favorite cutting horse, Rosanna Montana. Rose and the Doc have been together for a few years now, and she knows her job. Stop That Cow!


Rose worked nearly perfectly for The Doc on Saturday, marking a 72 and giving him second place. Everyone cheers for The Doc...woo hoo's all around. Good ride, they tell him.

The Doc is congratulated by The Cowboy's Daughter.

The Cowboy had ridden Doxee as a turnback horse, one who stands in the corner and makes sure the cow in question stays where the competitor can work it well, inside the 'playing field' so to speak. Sometimes cows want to escape. Fancy that? The 'cutter' cuts a cow from the herd and then his horse works to stay between the cow and the herd. The rider keeps his hand down on the neck of his horse, giving it no help (ideally), as the horse works back and forth to keep the cow separated.

Doxee is the horse The Cowboy goes to when he wants one to work turn back, and she loves her job. A good turn back horse with a skilled rider can truly make or break a ride in some situations, and on this day, Doxee and The Cowboy did their job well, putting a smile on The Doc's face and a check in his pocket.


Leah Fry said...

I pray I am still that vital at 85!!!!

Shirley said...

I hope I'm still in the saddle in my eighties. Cutting is actually a team sport, sure helps a run when you have good turn back help. I wish we had a cutting club here, you and Crystal from Ranch Riding blog are having all the fun!

Tracey said...

To be doing this at 85 truly would be a blessing!

Shirley, all I get to do is photograph. Someday I'd better be out there, but I'll need Curt to still want to be doing this for it to happen.

Crystal said...

I sure love cutting, but as herd help I am horrible, i get to involved watching the cutting horse and forget I am supposed to be working, lol!