Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Girls

Indeed overdue! This was from last weekend, when the girls came up on the BLM trailer. They roamed the arena for a few minutes while Gary pulled his trailer out, and I backed mine in. And then, play time was over, and they climbed into the next trailer for the final leg in their journey.


These two girls have such different personalities! City Boy's little red filly is bright and energetic. She's got boundless energy in the round pen, and despite the fact that we end each session with scratches and rubs, we begin each day the same as we began the day before...flighty and rushed.


Turned out together, Rep stands quietly, while the red filly (City Boy...what is her name?) hides behind her. And yet, walk out with a scoop of grain and you'll be mauled. Rep allows you to rub all over her face in exchange for grain. Red filly, on the other hand, becomes frustrated, grabbing at the scoop while trying to keep you from touching her.

Both girls have had the lunge line on them and are moving both directions pretty easily. I got the red filly leading yesterday, though a big shakily. She has a strong sense of what she wants to do. No fear. She's more like a toddler who wants her own way. Right now, she's the challenge of the two, but I'm sure that will swing the opposite direction many times over the next few months.


Cheyenne said...

Not an easy situation, although it would seem you understand the way to go. Good luck, and I read with interest.

Shirley said...

They are both nice fillies. Maybe City Boy can name his filly after some famous red headed beauty? After all she is a bit of a Diva!

gtyyup said...

They both are really nice looking. How nice that they're out of the Corrals. I remember Coyote coming home with all those mud balls on his belly and how excited I was when I could finally brush him and get the last of them off!

Tracey said...

Oh, man, I hate this time of year! When I brought Sandy home 3 years ago, he came from CA and was mudball free. Once here? Instant mud!

With shedding season here, I'm hoping those mudballs will start coming off. Rep is the worst...I think she likes wallowing!

Crystal said...

That red filly is sure a pretty girl! But she does need a name soon. Nice thing about shedding time is they are so happy to have you scratch them.