Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day Three, or Two

The rain is enough to drive a duck crazy. I know this, because there are a dozen crazy ducks in my backyard.


Hence, on day two, I didn't do a single thing with the new girls. They both looked like drowned rats out there, completely miserable and refusing to stand inside the barn on account of the funny noise it made with water pounding down upon it.

I wasn't any happier than they were with the weather. Only the ducks appeared to be enjoying their crazy sort of way.

Day three didn't yield much productivity, either. That is to say, I didn't go out and try to work with them and get them halter broke in the manner I typically would one of the older horses. The new girls are naturally curious and friendly...or at least they were when we were at the corrals in February. So when I went out to fill water tubs (not that there was a huge need, given the extreme rain), I stood at the rail of their paddock for a moment and it wasn't long before two little noses were reaching out to sniff me.

After a few minutes, I went inside, not expecting quite the same response. After all, there were no rails to protect them once I was on the inside. But City Boy's little red filly finally got brave enough to reach out her nose for a quick 'breather', softly blowing some warm breath onto my hand. Bad Reputation stood alongside, and after mulling it over a moment, she, too, reached out for a quick sniff.

Good enough training for Day Three, out there in the rain! I'm really hoping there's a break in the weather soon, but if there isn't? We'll stick to sniffing each other.


"Bad Reputation" as a baby this past July.
Roan horses get darker in the winter, covering up
their white roan hairs with the color of their 'base coat',
in this case, bay.


Linda said...

Yes, I've started to compromise on my definition of "good" weather. Today is "good" weather, but it's cloudy and windy--just not raining or snowing. :/

Crystal said...

hmm i would take rain, maybe it would melt some of our snow.

Shes pretty cute as a baby :)

City Boy said...

Yes I taught her to do that, it was before work. Ya that's it!

Tracey said...

Okay, then, City Boy. If that's what got you through the day :)