Friday, April 8, 2011

The Lone Cowgirl

Okay, you simply must...I mean simply MUST...go check out my Facebook friend Shirley Morris' blog. MUST! She's got some really nifty neato stuff to talk about. Today's feature is caring for your vintage photographs. Totally cool!


So, in other news? The sun came out today. No, really. It did! And I went outside to play with my pony, Bad Reputation! Reppi (should I spell that with one or two p's? Repi? That doesn't even look or sound right...must do some thinking here on the name) isn't too keen on being my friend, I'm afraid. Oh, she's first in line when the chow comes, and I can rub all over her face while she's got her snout buried deep in the scoop. But no grain? No can pet. Well...that's her take on it, at least.

I did get the lead snapped on, no problem, while she was munching away. That led to some lunging, and turning and lunging the other way. She's weakest to her left, but circles to the right are pretty fluid. I did get to scratch on her, but she told me she didn't have to like it. That is, unless I scratched her cheek where the halter sits. That was okay...


She has got a rather pretty profile, doesn't she?

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Keechy said...

Ha ha ha, she looks rather cheesed off about the whole thing. Quite a determined set she's got to her little mouth there. She's got lots of opinions about things, methinks.

I like Reppi with two p's.