Friday, April 16, 2010

Photo Session Day

The weather has been lovely. Sunny, for the most part, and when there's a cloud cover, it's been minus the hard driving rains. Such a sweet relief.

City Boy and I led the boys down to the pasture where they were allowed several hours of grazing yesterday, while the Beautiful Wadatika had our small pasture here all to herself. With soft afternoon light and rich green grass as a backdrop, how could my camera stay away? not everything was rich and green. Because before the Diva could head out for some comfort food, I asked her to play dead.


And then I asked her to sit.


Which of course she did without argument.

Then it was out for some quality grazing time.


I'd only just detangled and sprayed with a commercial detangler when she tossed her long red locks to the other side of her neck...and instant tangles again! Of course, for a few brief moments she wore some Shirley Temple curls.


It was at this point when she gave me 'the look', wondering if I didn't have enough photos of her on my hard drive already? The things a Diva must put up with...


And escaping the paparazzi is so difficult when you're inside a fenceline...


At which point this American beauty began to channel Greta Garbo...

"I want to be left alone!"


And so I did...for at least a little while.


Pony Girl said...

Such beautiful pictures of the diva! Love the green, and yellow dandelions, in the background. That mane looks like a lot of work! I know one windy day and that can really knot and twist up those long fine hairs.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Great pictures of your Diva. She's gorgeous. My own diva at home sounds like her twin in personality. Maybe it's just mares the boys never act like that.

Judy said...

I love watching horses roll is so funny! Such gorgeous pictures!

Paint Girl said...

Beautiful pictures of Tika!!
It has been so lovely lately, I don't want it to end!

PaintCrazy said...

You managed to catch her personality so perfectly in those shots!

Rising Rainbow said...

She does look like a diva all right! Frustrating how you can spend all that time detangling and they can "fix" your progress with one shake and it seems this time of the year is worst for that.