Friday, April 9, 2010

Okay, I Officially Don't Get It

What's all this blogger talk about moving from FPT? When I sign in under my Desperate Horsewife account, it tells me I need to act fast. But sign in under my other account, and there's no reference at all to needing to make changes. What gives? Do any of my fellow bloggers wish to help out this slightly confused horsewife?

Yesterday I woke to the sound of pounding rain. Imagine my surprise when I actually climbed from my bed and looked outside to see snow! By afternoon the skies were clear and the wind was blowing a bone chilling breeze through the valley. Dusk came early with more rain spitting clouds. Truly the nuttiest weather we've seen in a very long time.

Last week Red had both a breakthrough, and a set back. A breakthrough in the fact that I was able to rub and scratch him on both sides of his body. The set back came when over the weekend he managed to get the snap undone on his lead, which then disconnected it from his halter. Since he's not once willingly come up to me, and since he's beyond sensitive about having my hand anywhere ahead of his shoulder ( touchie the facie, please), getting the lead back on would be a daunting task.

Red is no longer the muddy mess you see here!

Despite his lack of willingness to give up on some of his fears, Red is a far sight better than Sunny ever was her first few months here with me. He's decided he likes the taste of grain, so while I wasn't doing much physically with the horses last weekend, I did make the physical appearance with the tasty treat, and he began to associate me with something good and non-pressuring.

More on Red later (like...when Darling gets the photos uploaded!)

Sandy & I headed down to Curt's on Wednesday for our lesson. Wanted to see just how much Sandy could do on his own this time, so we dropped the reins and Curt went slow, working on the basics such as the stop and turns. I was pretty pleased. His turns to the right are sharper than to the left, but he's got it pretty much figured out. I still need to work on getting my timing a bit more on target when it comes to encouraging him to look at the bull when we stop, and checking him once we get the turn (so he doesn't race to the other end before the bull gets there!)

Watching the video put a smile on my face. Thought I was pretty hot stuff...till Darling came along on Rose and upstaged me...


Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

You've thoroughly confused me as well. What is FPT or FTP or whatever you mentioned? My blogger account doesn't say anything about changing anything...

CTG Ponies said...

I watched the video last night on Facebook. It's fun to watch!

Here's the info on Blogger/FTP:

Pony Girl said...

I still have no idea what this FTP means. I haven't gotten such a message. On the link CTG left it appears to only affect 5% of bloggers? But I did start drafting a private blog for my family and the compose mode is a little different than on Pony Girl. I swear they took away spellcheck and add a strikethrough option. I'd much rather have spellcheck! ;)

Shirley said...

Oh Sandy! you're really starting to look like a cutting horse! I swear he is really enjoying that, Tracey!

Tracey said...

Well, that's just crazy on the FTP. Why would it only affect some? Crazy blogspot.

Shirley, he really is coming together, isn't he? I was worried about his head being so high, but he's dropping it with the slower pace. Of course...we're nothing next to Rose! She puts it all into perspective for us and doesn't allow the head to swell...

aurora said...

Assuming you mean FTP, if I remember correctly it stands for File Transfer Protocol. Basically it's a venue for a person to upload/transfer files such as photos from your computer to a web server, in this case the one hosting your blog. I haven't received any notices.

On another note, my hubby just watched your video and said - I want one of those (hydrabull) they look like fun! It's always nice to dream :)

Looking forward to seeing the pictures of Red.

froglander said...

It's probably for people who, rather than just using the web interface, compose their blog in some sort of web design software (like Dreamweaver, or FrontPage, or Visual Web Developer) that can connect directly to blogspot via ftp (and yes, it stands for file transfer protocol) to upload blog posts and photos and such. So it takes different support on the back end than using the web interface does.

JeniQ said...

Froglander is correct...

I can't even image how much patients it takes to gentle a mustang... I'm not sure I could without completely ruining them... I sure would like to try!

... adds round pen to list of things to buy

Tracey said...

This makes no sense...both of my accounts have blogs that are hosted by blogspot, both of them have blogs that I have fiddled with to change the layout...they are identical. Why is one saying it needs to change?

Still confused...

Jeni, you'd be fine. Red is not the norm, but he's a good boy and truly does want to interact which makes it easy to go out and work with him.

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