Thursday, April 24, 2008

Today Was Great!

I'm trying not to look at that little ticker. The headline in another trainer's blog the other day stated we were at hump day...halfway to Sacramento. In reality we're past that if you consider travel time. So while the ticker tells me 42 days, it's more like 38.

Thirty-eight days...

But I'm not looking at the ticker. I can't. I need to put a foundation that will hold up to thousands of people onto Sandy. He struggles with two or three folks nearby; imagine his surprise when he finds himself at the Expo!

Today was ride #8. We started in the arena rather than the round pen today. Jay's been handling him from the ground before I get on, encouraging more forward motion from him that I seem to be able to get. I wear out! I'm puny. Jay's in shape and keeps up with my horse. Plus, it's helpful to both of them to know what to expect from each other once I'm up in the saddle. Not that Jay's had much control terms of direction once I'm there, but a good understanding and trust is essential to my safety.

But back to the ride itself! After working on the lungeline for the first time (rather than his lead rope), I mounted up and we used just half the arena; the half without the bull parked in it! Sandy listened to my hands and legs just as though we were in the round pen. After moving to the left, we reversed and went to the right. He got a bit close to the gate and my foot banged up against it, but that didn't seem to rattle him. He did, however, startle at something just a stride or two past the gate. He lurched backward and began to spin his body to the right; I dropped my hands, one grabbed the horn and the other his mane which kept me off his mouth. Jay stepped in closer, but Sandy settled himself back down with my 'Whoa' and we continued on.

Before long we were trotting both directions, he was relaxing and giving. We worked again on serpentines and figure 8's, only the second time he's been asked to do them. He was great! Jay's unable to come tomorrow, but I'll be there working him in the scary end of the arena alongside the bull so he's ready when we move down that way.

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Mustang challange - Gav & Roy said...

You are incredible, keep up the work. I can't wait to meet you and Sandy. I will tell you we all have to keep in mind how far our Mustang's have come and they now because of the trainers have a whole live time to get to where they are going.