Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Note From Sandy...

If you were to ask me, which no one has, this is the way I'd spend my time. Grazing away on the sweet spring grass that's coming up all over down here. Apparently, my opinion counts for nothing...

Rather than filling my belly, I'm subjected to all sorts of horrors. I'm put into the round pen and made to trot circles with a saddle on my back. Round and round and round like some whimsical merry go round pony. Thank goodness they haven't painted me pink and plastered huge yellow daisies upon my chest.

I've also been led into this huge, dark box. No, not the horse trailer. This box is bigger! They tell me to run and buck and play, but it just seems so unnatural to do these things inside a box. They lead me in circles around the box, and down at the far end stands this horrible monster, black and white in color with creepy blue eyes that stare right through me. I snort to warn it off, but it doesn't listen and continues to stand in the same place. Mom tells me some day I'll get used to it and maybe even chase it around the arena.

No way, Mom! You need to get your head examined. No way, I repeat, no way will I ever be following that thing around the box. It creeps me out!

Nope. Not liking the dark box and the creepy blue eyed monster. Other than that, this place isn't too bad. The staff feeds me well and I don't have to share my breakfast with that ridiculous ram anymore. There's this cute little filly who lives next to me and she's always flirting. Makes a guy feel kind of special. If they'd just let me spend my afternoons out here in the grass, life would be perfect! But then...they never ask me.

* A note from Tracey

Curt came back from the doctor yesterday with the news that he's not cracked any ribs but they're just bruised. However, the aorta aneurysm is a wee bit longer than they'd like it to be, so he's got another specialist to see in a couple of weeks. He has, however, been cleared to ride again when he feels up to it. Sandy, I believe, is ready for me to climb on. I just need my ground crew ready should there be pieces to pick up!


Rising Rainbow said...

I imagine that world must be confusing to poor Sandy. He's come a long way in a short time.

Glad to hear that Rick doesn't have cracked ribs. Interestingly enough I heard a medical show on aneurysms not long ago that told about messuring them. It seems before they are in any danger of rupturing they must reach a certain size and width. So they have a clear window of what is the best time to remove them and they don't do it until they have reached that window because the rate of growth is different for different people.

I hope your first rides are uneventful and peaceful for both you and Sandy.

The People History said...

Sounds to me it is not so bad wisper in his ear about the Lobsters at Walmart then he will realise how good he has it

I can just imagine the Lobsters shouting out Free Us ? Free Us? . I am sure if we lived near the ocean and i was loaded I might even do it once in a while


Jessie said...

Oh my gosh, that head shot of Sandy is priceless! I had to show my boyfriend, and his response was "That horse doesn't like having his picture taken." hehe

Thanks for the comment on my dilemma post, I think you've got something in the only talking about the negatives. :-) Who wants a snorting wild beast who throws their rider?? Not me, that's for sure... ;-)

Jamie said...

Sandy appears to be a pretty quick learner! Good luck on the first rides....Thinking good thoughts for you that nothing "exciting" happens.