Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Only a Little Bizarre!

As long as I live, I don't think I will ever understand this relationship!

Join the Hay Burner's Club and donate $15 towards Sandy's upkeep and I'll send you a 5x7 photo (once the horse is here, of course.) Or buy advertising space in the form of a button.


Christa said...

That picture is priceless Tracey :) I love it.

Rising Rainbow said...

I don't know know why not, there are lots of stories about horses and goats, so why not sheep? This is a great picture.

Callie said...

Awww! too cute!

Katee said...

I love it!

jules said...

That's adorable - what Cute Overload would refer to as inter-species snorgling.

And yes indeed, horses [donkeys too] & sheep make great paddock mates. The neighbouring farm to our old farm kept their horses in with a small mob of sheep - whethers, not rams or ewes. They used to snuggle up together in cold wet weather. [hmmm, whethers for all weathers?]

How's Jet doing? She looks a bit shaggy & wet there! How are she & Darling getting along?