Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sandy's Terrific Day!

Sandy's day was so spectacular I can't even wait until tomorrow to share it!

This morning I set poles out for the first time. I layed them out so that we could walk over them, back a straight line between them, and stand inside of a box and turn a circle. This was the first time Sandy had seen poles so I didn't know what he'd think. He tends to be a little concerned about things he finds on the ground. After a cautious snort and sniff, he stepped right over them like an old trail horse pro! He walked into the box and turned without bumping any. He backed between them. I even had him sidepass a couple of steps over one; the first time he's ever been asked to do that!

We then wandered off to the round pen where I asked him to lead with me on the off side. If Jay was going to help us trot this other direction, he'd have to be over on Sandy's right. At first Sandy wasn't sure what I wanted, then he stepped right out.

He's struggled so much with traveling alongside me, and when I start to run in an attempt to get him to trot he tends to put on the brakes in confusion. Well...not today! Today we trotted, not only in the round pen but out in the field and along the driveway as well. He also walked past all sorts of scary things like piles of wood and tires, not to mention he saw his reflection in a window for the first time! At one point he thought perhaps we needed to hustle on out of there, but rather than try to drag me back to the barn he realized his pace was quicker than mine and he turned his head around to reach for me, as if he could grab my hand and hurry me up.

When Jay showed up this afternoon, it was back to the round pen all saddled up. Sandy was feeling a bit lighter today, probably because we've had a temp drop again and fresh snow in many areas. Chilly weather gets them feeling a bit frisky, so Jay lunged him in soft circles until he began to relax. Then I stepped into the saddle, and from there we did some walking and trotting in both directions. We stopped and started, I directed him towards the rail rather than him depending on Jay for support. A couple of times my foot bumped up against the wall, but Sandy didn't seem to mind. I've ridden broke horses that would have gone sailing over things like that, but not this boy! We ended with a couple of figure eights. Sandy wasn't too sure about giving to the bit as I pulled his head around even though we've done it from the ground, but he figured it out really quickly and was unbelievably good.

I'd hoped to make the trip to the upcoming adoption in Odessa this next weekend, but it doesn't appear that will be happening. Instead, I think I'll put as many miles on Sandy as possible this week and perhaps some time soon I'll head out and hit the trails!


Mrs Mom said...

Can ya just HEAR that... "CLICK"... there? hehehe... Yep, thats the "I Totally Get It!" switch turned to the On position!

Man Tracey- we are going to all have to chip in and get you some Nikes if you keep up the jogging like that. Cant have you with shin splints making you hobble along ;)

Rising Rainbow said...

Yesterday I was thinking as I was riding Storm, I'm going to have to get my butt in gear of Tracey is going to be passing me with that mustang of hers. Now I'm thinking I was right! lol Way to go girl, I could use something to push me past my fear.

Callie said...


Tracey said...

Thank you, ladies!

MiKael, if I could lend you Jay I would! He's an absolute doll; so good with the horse and explains step by step what I need to be doing in the saddle. He's handled enough horses for Curt from the ground that they've got the routine absolutely perfected and I've been ever so blessed to fall into it!