Monday, September 24, 2007

A Long List of Horses, Riders and Prices

Are you sick of Makeover talk yet? Nah...I didn't think so ! Here's a long list of the horses, riders, and their adoption prices that I got last night. I can't guarantee their complete accuracy, but it's bound to be close.

Going home means back home with trainer!
Horse - Rider - Adoption Amount
Rocky - David Walsh $2000.00
Captain Jack - Brenda Walsh $500.00
Maze - Michelle Vie Tobin $ 550.00
Searcher - Rachel Wall $200.00
Rock - Ashley Stevenson $350.00 (going home)
Patriot - Jamie Thomas $3800.00
Micah - Kathe Smothers $7500.00 (going home)
Reno - Ken Schwab - $2400.00
Buster - Robin Seacrist $1700.00
Snorts - Karrilynn Savage (1st place conditioning) $400.00

Larry - Dave Schaffner (Dave hurt, son road horse at auction. Purchase money (less $125.00 adoption fee) will be donated towards hospital bills $10,000.00

Boo - Wolfgang Remakes $450.00

Tamer - Greg Reynolds $950.00

Max - Guy Woods 1st place horse $6500.00 (going home)

“Q” - Asa Pippin $900.00
Pockets - Joseph Misner $3800.00 Shot off horse, roped, stood up on saddle,
horse bows

Cherokee - Ron Mobley $ 3500.00

Snoopy - Larry Lenon $1000.00

Winnemucca - Peter Lichau $400.00 (yet to be ridden)

Tang - Johnathan Lemons $300.00

Henrys Golden Boy - Jana Leniger $1000.00

Amigo - Chad Kelly $3100.00

Ranger - Kitty Lauman $7500.00 (going home)
Won sportsmanship award for profession trainers voted by other trainers. Prize $1000.00
October issue of Western Horseman

Jimmy - Tom King $1900.00

Freedom - Angi Keitel $2000.00 (Going home)

Trooper - Cody Keller $1800.00
Nevada’s Daily Double - John Haas Only 30 days training / Bows for rider to mount
Rubbed chain saw on him. $1200.00

Hidalgo - Weldon Hawley $2200.00
October issue of Western Horseman

Country Deacon - Abel Garcia (world champion rider) $3000.00
Chopper - Holly Davis (finalist) $4800.00
Tied for sportsmanship award for non-pro trainers

Algore - Zane Davis (finalist) $5300.00

Felix - Jeanie Curphey $4800.00

Arky - Jason Carter $ 1700.00

Nikko - Diana Caldwell $1000.00 (going home with trainer)
Only 5 rides

Slim Jim - Sharleen Bergum BIG horse 16h / 3 years old $2000.00
Carried a flag saying “BUY ME” Stood front two feet on Pedestal while trainer moved flag over his head. Kicks ball

Vegas - Jean Morehouse $1100.00

J4 Dwight Bilyk (finalist) $6000.00 Big horse / does it all / nice and soft

Ruger Jennifer Baird $1000.00

Chance - Vixen Barney $1500.00 Never had trained a mustang before.
Rode with two broken vertabraes in her back.

Nick Roeliff Annon $3100.00
October issue of Western Horseman

Pino Lonnie Aragon $2100.00
Started working horses in a prison program when he was a teenager.
Now works for the Air Force academy and teaches horsemanship.
October issue of Western Horseman

Gambler Josh Appleby $1500.00
Lost his house, barn. . recently by a Tornado.
Used borrowed tack and such to attend event.
MHF donating all proceeds to Josh’ family.

Sunka Wa Kan David Lee Archer $1600.00
Going home

Hail Yeah - Ray Ariss $50.000.00
Purchased by the City of Norco and Mustang Heritage Foundation
Ray also won “Mr. Congeniality” contest
He breeds / trains very expensive horses and said “this Mustang humbled him”.

Wellington - Evija Aunina $3800.00
First time training a Mustang. Jumps 4 feet, winning many shows already.
She rides English and this is a BEAUTIFUL horse.

Willie Ben Bowman $900.00

Waylon - Nick Bowman (finalist) $1400.00

Joshua - Cindy Branham $7500.00 (going home)

Joyee - Mary Lee Brighton $2400.00
Mary is with “Windhorse Relations”
They use Mustangs in various clinics, working with youth, Veterans, etc.

Nino Chico Jesus Castillo $2000.00 (going home)

Cowtown - Buddy Cooper $1200.00

Banjo - Bo Cordell $1000.00

Sundance - Chase Dodd (missed amount)

Ojos - Jeremy Dunn (finalist) $6000.00
Purchased by Jill Starr of Lifesavers Wildhorse Rescue
Will go home with Jeremy for further training

Hampton Steve Hayden $2000.00

Steel - Byron Hogan $3600.00

Othello - Excy Johnston
Aggressive horse. Going home with trainer Josh Applyby thru the MHF incentive program

Mac - Susan Kirk $1200.00 (going home)

Levi - Troy Koehl $3500.00

Otter be Good - Dixie LaFountain $700.00
Didn’t ride (compete) Otter came up lame. They don’t know why

Vegas - Bill Lopez (finalist) $5000.00

Cool hand Luke - James Malcolm $250.00 (horse going home)
Horse not rideable

Johnny - Rachel Mandic-Nowak $1500.00
Won sportsmanship for non-pro trainer ($500.00)
Youngest trainer - 18 years old
Slick - Dave McClelland $1500.00

Vegas - Jean Morehouse $1100.00

Big Un (aka Amigo) Ted Noland $1500.00

Reno - Sheena O’Gorman $6000.00
Trainer 5’ tall (tiny thing)
Horse was HUGE Like 16 hands / Moved beautiful, great hunter/jumper prospect

Shorty - Angie Robertson $500.00 (home with trainer)
A bit aggressive. Not rideable.

Shooter - Mark Robertson $1400.00
Gaucho - Volnei Rodriguez $4000.00
Western Horseman - October issue

Reno - Thomas Sheffield $2000.00
Diego - Steve Smith $1800.00

Max - Guy Woods (EMM 1st place) $6500.00

Medicine Man - Jimmy Thomas $1100.00
Horse got toxic poisoning Aug. 30th
Then laminitis. Told by Vet. And Farrier he wouldn’t ride in competition.
Farrier thought horse would need 6months to 1 year to recover.
Took 3 weeks. Trainer said it was the strength of the Mustang that allowed him to recover so quickly

Teton - Rachel Thorp $400.00

Hercules - Cliff Tipton $3000.00 (going home)
Slicker - David Tomasetti $2200.00

Blackjack - Jonathan Weisiger $4300.00

Desperate Horsewife
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Desperate Horsewife
Wild Horse Calendars now available!


Cayuseranch said...

AWESOME! Thanks for posting this. I have been searching and searching. We were unable to be there for the auction and was very curious as to what they would go for. As a previous adopter, I am very happy that this has given mustangs so much exposure.

Thanks again,

Christy said...

Oh good! Thanks for posting Tracey! It looks like the trainers I was following all got their babies back!

How does a city buy a horse? Especially for 50,000? I don't quite understand that. Also- do you know what happened to the horses that were part of the makeover but were not present at the competition?

Tracey said...

Amy, finding the results has been frustrating for many folks! Glad you were able to find the blog and read them (barely...golly, can't believe they posted in black!)

Christy, I'm not sure about the horses that weren't there. I suspect they'd have tried to adopt them out just the same. If they didn't find adopters, then they'd likely go back to the facility or stay with their trainers until adopters are found. But...that's just my guess. Not sure how many horses didn't make it.

As for how a city buys a horse? Private donations, I'd think. Sounds like it was a three way deal between the trainer, Mustang Heritage and the City. Pretty cool, eh?

Katee said...

WHEN they do this again (oh I hope they do another one) it would be really great if they could keep their website more up-to-date. Updating the page with a list of winners isn't too much work and updating it with a list of sale amounts would have been nice too.

I've checked their site numerous times today looking for a "Fort Worth was great" post, but so far there is nothing.

Maybe they should give our favorite blogger Tracey a ticket to the next show so she can fill their site with the info that we all NEED!

Tracey said...

LOL, Katee, I've been frustrated with their lack of communication, too =) Well, it's new to them, so perhaps by next year they'll have it a bit more together? But yes, it would have been nice to be able to see the results on their page rather than having to google all over the planet.

Katee said...

Thank goodness for Google!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this web site. Will you be doing the horse/rider/bid amounts for the midwest challenge in wisconsin?

Tracey said...

I'll try to get info up as it comes to me :)

Anonymous said...

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