Wednesday, September 19, 2007

How did that happen?

Darling and I have been gone the past five days as she was showing the sheep at the Puyallup fair. We had fun, but the drive home was dark and the rain was driving harder than we were. It felt wonderful to sleep in our own beds, and had it not been for City Boy coming home after a night of graveyard, I doubt we'd have gotten out of bed before noon!

Upon going outside to do chores, I saw something just a little unusual. It appeared there was a large, dark horse shaped shadow in the horse pasture. A closer look and yes, there was Jet with the sheep! The four foot fence was still up, meaning the only way she got over there was by going over. Great. Let's face it, four feet isn't terribly high, but she's not had any desire to cross it before this. I suspect it was last night's storm that got her going.

Other than that, everyone is looking good, although those winter coats sure are coming in! Sunny didn't want me to get too close, but I'd left the fly mask on her while we were gone and I wanted to take it off, so after a bit of slipping and sliding in the muddy paddock she decided it wasn't worth the effort to continue trying to dodge me. I wasn't sure if she'd jump when I pulled the velcro apart, but she didn't flinch. The sun is shining this afternoon and will hopefully continue to do so; it'd be great if I could get that paddock dried up enough to start working these girls now that fairs are done for the year!

In other, bigger, more exciting news, the Extreme Mustang Makeover Competition is coming up this Saturday! If you live within driving distance of Forth Worth, Texas, I expect you to go watch, take plenty of pictures and give me a blow by blow update =)

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Rising Rainbow said...

How did the girls do at the fair?

I'm hoping I'm going to get something done with horses outside before winter envelopes us too. Seems like fall is hitting pretty hard though so I hope we're not both engaged in wishful thinking. lol

Christy said...

I'm in need of updates on the Makeover here too. I wish there was a way we could have gone! They should broadcast the show....