Monday, September 10, 2007

For the Birds

It's been a big weekend around here; a weekend of firsts. While I've led each of the horses down to the sheep field for a bit of grazing, from Quiet Storm being there for an hour on her own, I've never left any of them there. On Saturday, however, I led Quiet Storm down and decided she'd be fine to leave for the morning. Upon reaching home, I decided why not try Sunny, too? So the two of them spent four hours grazing, which they loved.

Sunday morning Darling led Quiet Storm back down to the pasture and this time I brought Jet. Again, they did fine and were big and plump when Darling and I walked down in the afternoon to get them.

Of course, getting to and from the field gives my girls a taste of trail horse training; we've got woods and a creek to pass through. But the real training comes when you suddenly have seven hang gliders swirling above your head and landing in a neighboring field as you're trying to lead a couple of two year olds down the road. Jet's head went up and she followed the strange looking bird with her eyes as it circled above her before landing. Quiet Storm wasn't quite as interested; her ears pricked up, but she was more concerned with getting home.

What is that strange looking bird?

Additional trail horse training came in the evening as I tossed a flake of hay into the manger. More birds, this time in the form of chickens, fluttering around Jet's face. The rooster perched along side of her actually flew over her back to get from one side of the stall to the other! Birds will definitely not be an issue with this horse, lol!

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Christy said...

It's amazing that nearly everything turns into a training exercise! Although, that makes me rather happy to be watching and learning with him too!!

Oh- I'd love to have chickens! We should chat about that soon!! :)

iz said...

I love the pic of teh chikens keeping the horse company. how cute is that!