Friday, September 28, 2007

Felt so Good!

Today was another good day. I didn't mess much with Sunny. Caught her, put the halter on her and then turned her out into the pasture. Didn't want her thinking that every time I get near means she works.

Instead, Jet was the object of my affection today. I hadn't been on her since before the fair in August. Well, no, that's not quite true. I did mount once earlier this month, but August was the last time I tried to get her to move while I was on her.

But before mounting, I took her out for a walk. Not as long as the one Sunny and I took. This time I went up the road and around the corner and down to the pasture. Normally we take the short cut through the trees, but I wanted her to get out around some traffic. We had three cars pass us and aside from tensing up just a wee bit, she was fine.

Once around the corner, though, she became nervous. There are two horses out in a field over there, and of course they came running over to see who Jet was. Jet was light on her toes, that's who she was! I figured the grooms at the track must feel like I was feeling; Jet is 16 hands tall, after all, and a prancing pony of that height isn't one to take lightly. Thankfully, she's not totally squirrely and managed to focus more on me than the horses. It did leave her a watchful state, however, for the rest of our walk.

At home I worked her from the ground, then went in search of Darling's riding helmet. Once it was fastened securely to my head, I mounted up. I've not got a bridle for Jet, so the halter and lead rope will have to do for now. The paddock has shrunk in size since the barn addition, so there really isn't any place to go, anyway. The last time I tried getting some forward motion out of Jet, it wasn't easy. Mostly just turns and a few steps before she quit. But not today. Today she walked forward, stopped when asked, turned on both front and hind quarters, and backed up. Beautiful! This horse is a dream.

Less than a beautiful dream is the weather forcast for Friday evening...snow...

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Lady Of Chaos said...

Tracey, that 's' word is a really bad 4 letter word that should NOT be spoken or typed....

Tracey said... true!

Rising Rainbow said...

What is the deal with snow? I mean it's still Sept. How high up are you anyway? Can't remember what they said the snow level was. All I can say is if it snows here, I'm leaving!

Sounds like Jet was a really good girl under saddle. Way to go, Jet!! Also, glad to hear you were wearing a helmet. How come you don't have one of your own, I might ask.

I'm getting ready to get on a couple right now too so I'll be wearing my helmet as well. Hope mine go as smoothly as yours. Right now I'm working them in the long lines.

Tracey said...

MiKaela, it's been years since I've done any real riding, and back then no one wore helmets. We got one for Darling last year and I think I wear it more than she does, lol!

As for mother sent me a weather report calling for cold temps and snow... Turns out the snow was for the passes, not down here.