Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Barn is Coming Along

City Boy's been working on the barn these past couple of weeks and it's nearly complete. Two new stalls, 12x12, opening to individual runs. The runs will then open up into the pasture. He's also adding a sliding window to each stall on the outside so that Darling and I will be able to feed without having to walk through the runs and be malled by hungry horses.

The other day I heard an engine back across the creek so slipped through the trees to see what was happening. My neighbor was out there with his baler, so I asked if he was keeping or selling the hay. Selling, he said, so I told him not to worry about picking it up, we'd be over to get it. Now I've got a tent (one of those from Costco) full of hay. Probably won't last the winter, but sure does put a dent in it!

Today I led Quiet Storm across this field and down the road a bit to the sheep pasture. I left her there for an hour or so to graze. She's completely comfortable being down there on her own without the other horses. Sunny is the same, as is Jet. None of the girls seems to mind not being with their pasturemates. So much for being herd bound when left in a herd situation, eh? I have a friend who's totally opposed to allowing horses to live in a herd atmosphere, and while I agree that getting hurt is an issue, I think my horses disprove the myth of a herd bound horse.

Sunny is progressing nicely enough. I've caught her up a couple of times and led her across the creek for a few minutes of grazing a couple times this past week. She's always very happy to get over here; always unhappy to leave. Once the round pen gets put up I'll be able to start working on the whole saddle thing again. Maybe this time I'll have someone hold onto her when I try swinging my leg over. Sound like a plan?


Molly said...

Yep. Sounds like a good plan to have a "holder."
I've always felt horses are less secure alone as they get older. I mean, if a horse is so old they can't fight off the wolves alone, then they tend to need their herd. Herdbound, barn-sour, it's all a problem in today's world with more horses living in a community barn.
OH, I love your new barn.

Transylvanian horseman said...

Nice idea to put hay in a tent. Did you put something waterproof underneath too? That will reduce losses due to damp and mould.

learninghorses said...

I get so excited looking at barn constrution, I think about barn designs almost every day. I am convinced there is no perfect solution, just the right one for you! Can't wait to see finished pictures of all the details.

Tracey said...

Yes, TH, there's a tarp on the ground, the poles over that and beneath the hay to keep it dry.

LH, we're already thinking of how to add on next year...more stalls across an alley, I think.