Saturday, March 30, 2013

Lucy, the Bull, and Beamer's Blue Moon

Lucy's fourth time working the HydraBull.  She's coming along pretty nicely, so the Cowboy stepped it up a notch here.  Lucy wasn't terribly sure about it being so close, but all in all handled it pretty well.  She's definitely got the moves.  I'm not sure how long Lucy will be with me, but for now I'm really enjoying her.  At some point over the summer, once she's fattened up a bit and has some more training miles on her, she'll be up for sale (keep that in mind all you roan mustang lovers!)

A few years ago some of you may recall Darling competing in the Youth and Yearling program, where you take a wild mustang yearling and gentle it for an in hand competition.  One of those yearlings was a bay filly she named Beamer's Blue Moon (she wonders now why she called a bay horse blue?)  She's pictured here with Tika, who was more than happy to play mamma to this sweet little girl.

Beamer has recently come back into our lives, as her owner was unable to keep her any longer.  She's now four years old and lightly started under saddle.  This spunky little mare is testing her boundaries just a little, but deep down she's still the same sweetie who was here before.  She's a tiny little sprite, only 13.2 or 13.3, but this girl packs a powerful punch!  From Murderer's Creek, she's got a lot of athletic ability.  She can stop and turn well enough to make you think you've got a cowhorse on your hands.

Yesterday a friend asked if I wanted to go for a nice trail ride, and with Oz and Lucy at the Cowboy's, Beamer was the only one at my disposal.  Well...sure, why not?  Most of our rides were only 20 minutes in length, and always in the arena (flat, easy footing.)  And over the past 2 weeks, I've spent far more time with my other three projects than with the little bay, so I wasn't sure if she'd be up for much.  I needn't have been concerned.  A 40 minute climb up the hill had her no more out of breath than a 20 minute arena workout.  Sweating, yes, but no huffing and puffing.  And her feet are amazing!  Barefoot over rocks without so much as a short step.

Beamer and Tika seemed to take back up right where they left off.  Flirt wasn't so sure she wanted a BAY colored horse on the place, so she was a bit aggressive with the new girl when she first arrived.  After having them separate for a couple of weeks, though, I turned them all back out together and Flirt found that just because she's 4" taller doesn't mean she's boss.  Beamer pinned her ears and snaked after my red dun baby, showing some teeth and making it known that she wasn't to be pushed around.

Now that order has come to the trio, they frolic and play and race around like wild ponies should.  Beamer won't be with us for long.  Like Lucy, she'll get some saddle time, some manners, and then be available for sale to someone who'll appreciate our little bay dynamo!


Shirley said...

I hope Beamer finds her person soon, she has so much to offer.

Paint Girl said...

She sure is a pretty little thing! I am sure you will find the perfect home for her, as well as for Lucy!