Monday, March 11, 2013

I'm a Big Girl Now!

Flirt is growing.  I haven't measured but it wouldn't surprise me if she was pushing 15 hands.  And she's butt high.  She's going to be a BIG girl!  Or at least tall.  Taller than I'd really like, these days.  I'm going to need a step ladder to climb on!

Speaking of climbing on, I think that day is coming sooner rather than later for her.  Today she was saddled up and doing so fine that I drug the mounting block into the round pen with me.  I plunked it down alongside of her, climbed on top of it, reached across the top of her and began rubbing on her neck on the opposite side.  I rocked the saddle around.  I reached back and patted heartily on her rump.  I thumped on the saddle fender...the one over on the other side of her body, leaning over her back while doing so.  She was totally unconcerned.  

I pulled the fender out and let it thump against her, thinking briefly that maybe this was an awkward position to be in, leaning across the back of a 2 year old with my toes on a mounting bock.  I mean, I'd end up falling from my perch and landing beneath her, undoubtedly, if she were to jump or spook.  But she didn't.  

I placed my foot in the stirrup, and she turned to look at me as my toe bumped into her side.  That was the biggest reaction I got from her all morning.  I moved my foot around, stepped up and laid over her back, rubbing her neck and talking to her all the while.

"Come on, Mom...what's stopping you?"

Well, I'm all alone out there, that's what's stopping me.  But it won't be long.  It won't be long.

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Paint Girl said...

Yeah Flirt! I am sure it won't be long until you are up there in the saddle! She is coming along so nicely, I still find it hard to believe that she was running wild (for the 2nd time) not too long ago!! And a big girl she will be, I like them big!! Wanna trade, Flirt for Rio? Just kiddin'!