Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Little Flirty Day

Was a quick trip to the Cowboy's this morning, but I managed to squeeze in a little bit of Flirt time.  She had fun running and playing for a few minutes, then stopped and stood with me.  I lunged her a wee bit, then decided to introduce her to the mounting block.

Mounting blocks are curious things, you know.  They pop up out of the ground for no apparent reason (at least in the mind of an inexperienced horse), and they're obviously something that needs exploring, licking, and maybe a bit of pawing at.  Flirt circled it a couple of times, but it didn't hold her interest for long.  I led her alongside of it, and she sidestepped just a bit.  Still, she was close enough that I could step up onto it and be above her, rubbing her back and neck.  She didn't care much.

I turned her around so I was on the other side and repeated the process.  Again, no reaction outside of being totally bored.  So I leaned against her a bit, draping my arm over her back, patting her on the opposite side.  She looked out the door at the end of the arena, caring not what I was up to. 

I've a strong hankering to just climb on, but tell myself daily to be patient.  Make sure all the bases are covered before getting onto that back of hers.  But oh...it's so inviting!

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Shirley said...

Keep building that good foundation! She's a lovely girl and it is fun to watch her progress.