Thursday, March 28, 2013

Incorrigible Flirt!


  [in-kawr-i-juh-buhl, -kor-] 
not corrigible; bad beyond correction or reform: incorrigiblebehavior; an incorrigible liar.
impervious to constraints or punishment; willful; unruly;uncontrollable: an incorrigible child; incorrigible hair.
firmly fixed; not easily changed: an incorrigible habit.

Flirt had been home for a week or better when the sun began shining and I began pining for a little time with my girl, so I loaded her up and hauled her to the riding club for a little one on one time.  She walked easily out of her paddock and even self loaded...a first!  I simply closed the door behind her and we were off.

Once at the arena, I began noticing little changes in Flirt's attitude.  She was a bit pushier, completely ignorant of the bubble concept, or the 'this is my space, this is yours idea'.  All space was her space.  She wasn't a happy pony in the round pen, either.  I'd been free lunging her while at the Cowboy's and thought I'd do the same here.  Mistake.  She had no desire to be obedient.  I'd send her in a direction, and when I asked her to stop, she continued on, completely disregarding my commands and pushing forward.  I snapped the whip out in front of her to get her attention, but she'd run right through it.  If I'd stepped in front of her, I believe she'd have simply mowed me down.  Obviously, she went back on the lunge line, but even then she was pushy and crowding my space.

We worked until there was a bit of sweat clinging to the both of us, though, and by the time we left for home, Flirt was at least tolerable.  I even got her to drag a bicycle tire around for a bit.

The following day the Cowboy had a clinic which I'd organized for him, so I didn't work with Flirt at all.  But on Monday I went out and, being as it was so nice out, decided to work her at home in our own pen.  

Once again, I thought I'd start with a few laps free lunging before moving on to saddling.  And once again Flirt threw a red headed two year old tantrum.  She raced around, ignoring my body language, pushing through my attempts to slow her down or turn her around.  A couple of times she rushed to the panels and stood straight up on her hind legs in an attempt to see if she could lift herself over them.  That was a scary sight, given her past!   I decided to back off completely and simply stood in the center, an action to which she responded to by coming over and standing with me.  On went the lunge line and back to work we went, this time with a little more respect.

After a few minutes of positive action, I led her to the barn where I tied her to the post.  All those times she stood tied so patiently while at the Cowboy's...she made up for it now. She tossed her head and stomped her feet and tried to dig herself to China.  Sigh...what happened to my sweet girl?

Obviously, Flirt needs daily handling.  So Tuesday she was lunged (lunge line) and saddled, and she was an absolute doll.  So much of  a doll that I started bouncing in the stirrup and stood all the way up over top of her, rubbing along the other side of her body, patting her rump and scratching under her mane.  No one around...should I swing my leg over?  Probably I resisted.

Yesterday Flirt was again perfectly willing to behave herself.  This time Darling walked out while I was working her, so after bouncing up and down a couple times, I swung my leg over her back and sat in the saddle.  I was only there briefly, but my seat was firmly planted and my legs were resting on both sides.  Then I stood up and swung off.  Quick and easy on and off.  

I sat on my girl.  It was Sensational!


Dawn said...

How cool is that?!

GunDiva said...


Margaret said...

Awesome. Now I have to go catch up and read all about her "re-capture" and handling of the last couple months...

Allenspark Lodge said...

I'm sorry; I'm still laughing! This brought back such fond memories of my mare as a youngster; all the 'hissie-fits' and temper tantrums along the way, while she was learning her place in the horse world as well as the human world. Those young Mustang brains are sooo quick! You have a real beauty on your hands.
Bionic Cowgirl

Cindy D. said...

I believe the phrase is "Two steps forward, one step back, two steps forward one step back"
It seems to be going around lately!

But Yay! first time in the saddle.

Fabulous Flirt!

Ranch Girl Diaries said...

Sometimes I think they just get full of piss and vinegar in the spring....and aren't mares starting to cycle up again, too? I don't know, I haven't been working much with Luna but she sure has fun being spunky and rearing up and nipping to play with My Boy and running herself silly in the pasture these past few weeks. I think they are just happy that winter is on it's way out!! ;-)

Shirley said...

A little fiestiness is okay, she will eventually grow out of it. Yay for sitting on her!

Warner Carter said...

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