Monday, March 28, 2011

The Planning Begins

Video from the Calcutta/Open Cutting
Cascade Horse Fair

Last year was the first time I attempted to plan anything so big and crazy as a horse fair. We had fun. I didn't go broke. Let's do it again!

Ken McNabb with a stallion he purchased from Curt.

Curt has agreed to come back with his little herd of HydraBulls, and in addition to him I've got Ken McNabb agreeing to do a clinic for us! Also Mary Cornelius, a professional photographer from Portland Oregon, will be teaching a class on equine photography. Cool, eh?

There will be a sale and adoption alley in the barn, and I'm excited to have a Kids Corral this year, too! Putting Darling and her cousins, Lanky Hanky and Miss Banana Head, to work organizing a stick horse drill team. That oughta be interesting, don't you think?

If you happen to be in the northwest and would like to help out as a volunteer, become a vendor, or participate with your horse, let me know!


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Sounds like a great line up. Wish I could come.

Lea and her Mustangs said...

What will Ken be doing in his clinic? I thinking...............

Tracey said...

Nuzzling, wish you could come, too!

Lea, he'll be doing a basic horsemanship class; all levels welcome as he can work with you from whatever point you and your horse are at. Thinking of Sage?

Cheyenne said...

Sounds fantastic!!

Shirley said...

Where and when? Wish we had a hydra Bull here!

aurora said...

If only I didn't live so far away...!! Fun video, and I love the photo of Ken. I'll have to settle for reading more about the fair. It sounds like sooo much fun, with great clinics!