Friday, March 18, 2011

Cabin in the Woods

Back in the day when I was a kid, we kept our horses up the road in a hidden pasture back behind some trees. There was an old homestead up there that had long been abandoned. The current owners occasionally visited for a week or two in the summer months, using it as a little vacation retreat. But a few years ago we had a great, heavy snow, and the old house simply couldn't withstand the weight. Through the bareness of the winter trees, I could make out it's collapsed roof and silently mourned. It had been such a lovely place to ride past, with lilac trees surrounding it and old roses climbing the nearby trees. And now, at least from the road, it appeared to be nothing more than a pile of rubble, with just one wall left standing.


Darling and I went for a walk a few weeks ago, and found ourselves meandering up the old familiar path that I'd once taken on horseback. And there, hidden behind a thicket of overgrown briars and brambles, was this tiny reconstructed cabin. A fraction of the size of the original home, the owners had made sure to salvage every bit they could and created this idyllic scene.

Naturally, I had to send Darling over to pose.


I was disappointed that I didn't have her all dolled up in some vintage dress, but of course that is not how we normally go out walking. I'll simply have to convince her to return with me on some sunny afternoon.


Cheyenne said...

Good picture, the idea is there!

Linda said...

That would be a great place to take senior pictures! We finished ours last fall and it was an ordeal and a half and we didn't have nearly that pretty a spot, nor did it turn out nearly as good.

cdncowgirl said...

What a quaint, idyllic scene. Love that pic, it belongs on a calendar.

GunDiva said...

That is beautiful. I love finding little treasures like that.

Shirley said...

Thats really neat that the cabin was resurrected. Looks like they even made the chair out of the old wood. Definitely a labor of love.
Darling photographs well no matter what she is wearing!