Monday, January 17, 2011


They're difficult, no matter the situation. Goodbyes, that is. This weekend some friends of ours made the drive up here to pick up Lefty. This is difficult. City Boy has bonded. I have not. Oh...I may have if I didn't still have his hoof prints on my body. He is, after all, a real snuggle bunny when he wants to be.

Speaking to one of the wranglers at the corrals, she suggested that perhaps it was time to go cowboy with this boy and lay him down. I were scared at going cowboy, weren't you? Lefty needs to know who's boss. But I've not laid a horse down before and not sure I can get this monster in a black and white wrapper to cooperate as my first victim.

Enter Feral Redeye, who has wanted Lefty from the beginning. We have no clue if Lefty will ever come around and make a solid horse for City Boy, or be a horse that I can trust, but Feral wants to see what he can accomplish. And if it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out.

So Lefty climbed into the same horse trailer that originally hauled him away from the corrals, and went back to the small farm in Oregon from which Darling and I picked him up several months ago in hopes of learning some life lessons.


And the first thing that happened when he got there? Kicked Robbie, the drafty lead mare, and caused her to be three legged for a solid 30 minutes. Tika still has a knot on her leg, just below her hock, where he did the same thing when turned out with her. Hopefully Robbie will put him in his place, but I sure hope she doesn't get hurt in the process!


Paint Girl said...

Loved the video of Lefty playing in the snow!
I hope everything works out, he is so pretty!

Blob said...

I'm keeping my fingers work out that this is a good fit. Different folks work well with different horses, you just never know.

I'm definitely rooting for Lady Rob to put Lucky in his place.

And my favorite part of the lovely video? Little Rufus romping around in the middle!

Linda said...

He's gorgeous (the video with him running is beauiful), but sounds like a hand-full, too.

Bittersweet, I guess.

Heather said...

The hardest part of any animal rescue, or even ownership, is realizing when we can't help that animal be all it can be, or when another home is better for it. Great job realizing maybe someone else can work with him in a better way - It takes a lot of courage.

Crystal said...

I hope he works out, hes such a looker! Maybe a different place wil make a difference.

wilsonc said...

Goodbyes are always bittersweet. Even when they may be for the best. I have always enjoyed reading your blog and because of that I have chosen you for the Stylish Blogger Award. You can pick it up over at my blog.

Shirley said...

Knowing when to let go is part of being a good horseman. I hope your husband finds another horse to bond with, and that Lefty grows into a good sensible using horse.