Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ladies Glisten

This past weekend Darling and I headed southeast a bit to a cutting held in Sunnyside, WA. It was the Big Bang cutting, a benefit for one of their members who's stage 4 throat cancer. I recently got Curt a sponsorship with Equiscience, and they also offered to donate several bags not only as prizes to the cutters, but 10 more bags to the auction. Great folks there at Elenbaas!


The weather was absolutely fantastic...a little warm compared to what we're used to here, but bright and sunny and...oh, heck, it was so blistering hot we were miserable! Darling went outside to photograph, but I stuck to the indoors. I've been told that ladies don't sweat...we glisten! Well, I tell you what, while I was outside I did so much glistening my face was dripping! Indoors, folks...indoors is where I spent my time.



Now, listen to me here. I'd like to shed a couple pounds, and I believe I did over the weekend, simply through all my glistening. But now, here's the problem. I don't know if you know this about me, but I have narrow hips. Nearly non-existent. But muffin top? I've plenty of muffin to share. Did I lose weight where I needed to? No. No, I did not. And do you know what happens when one loses weight on already narrow hips?


I'll tell you what happens. One's pants begin to slip off. And this is not a good thing! Polite society expects you to wear pants. Or at least dresses, of which I own but one and it simply would not do to wear it to a cutting. Unless you're Darling, who wore an adorable little yellow skirt along with MY cowboy boots (they matched better!) I can't believe I came home without a photo of her! That's what happens when you're glistening so hard.


Despite the fact that I was glistening hard enough to cause droplets to appear on the end of my nose (which I'm sure made a terrific impression), we did manage to have a good time, and came away with some fun photos of the folks there cutting cows.



And, of course, a few rail birds!



CTG Ponies said...

Love the pics! And I'm not ashamed to say, the heck with glistening, I just sweat. It's been very hot here, in the 90s with oppressive humidity. I'd rather be indoors too.

Becky said...

I LOVE that 3rd pic... with that GORGEOUS chestnut fixated on the steer. Well shot... and what a neat perspective! I can't see all of him, but that's a stunning horse.

Your accounts of "glistening" had me laughing.

Tracey said...

Gina, too hot! Too hot! I was crazy happy to get back to the clouds, lol!

Becky, I love that shot, too! I realized I need a faster lens, however, if I'm going to be shooting action shots indoors without a flash.

photogchic said...

I was expecting a "lowrider" shot...what a great time.

Shirley said...

Some really classic shots there Tracey, love the head-to-head one. How did Curt do?