Friday, June 11, 2010


It's that time again...time for the youth of Washington State to head to the Longview adoption and pick up their new best friend!

Ten youths from WA State are pretty excited right about now. The BLM truck will be pulling into Longview with ten yearlings ready to head home for a little yearling makeover. Last year Darling took two yearlings, as you may recall; Empire and Avalon. While Avalon had her issues, Empire was a fantastic little mare and a load of fun to work with. We know this year that Darling is receiving a gelding. Sure hope she has as much fun!

Darling has yet to come up with a name. She was considering Lawrence. I like that. Of course it'll change by the time we make it down there this afternoon. And again by tomorrow morning. And again by the time we load to come home... Maybe by Sunday I'll have a name to share?

Stay tuned for stories and photos!


Anonymous said...

Very exciting - can't wait to see him!

Blob said...

Very exciting, indeed! I wish I'd had the opportunity to do something like this when I was a teenager. I would have loved it.

S said...

And - the rest of the story................darling decided she didn't want a gelding. :~) so she took a little filly home from Murder's Creek HMA. Very cute little girl. Lawrence just won't fit now.