Thursday, March 18, 2010

Watch Your Bull

It's an early morning. Darling & I are heading south to Oregon for the Northwest Horse Expo down in Albany. We'll be working the Mustang U booth, which is shared with Equiscience. If you're in the area, look us up! We're in the Santiam building, same as the Mustang Heritage Foundation and BLM booth.

Darling has been folding brochures all night while I supervised City Boy's framing of photos. I won't have many there, but a few of Honor and the old buckskin stallion, plus a few posters and some notecards. I've been slowly adding to my stash of goodies, and now it's time to make them all go away. Hope someone shows up to buy them!

Of course, there will be more than just booth time and photo sales at the Expo, as the Northwest Extreme Mustang Makeover is happening! And you know I'll be out getting a few shots of the activities for those of you who won't be there.

In other news...Sandy's cutting skills are coming along nicely. We started the lesson without the camera on, which was a shame as Sandy was fresh and full of life as Curt worked the bull. Doc rode Rose on the opposite side, and as Rose is a finished cutting horse, Curt made sure he was giving the two of them a good workout. Sandy did well...and Curt wasn't happy to hear I hadn't turned the camera on before the ride, hollering over the roar of the bull, "That was a good one!"

Typically there are two workouts during a lesson, and we give the horses a chance to relax and catch their breath between them. Since Sandy's first go had been a very good workout (and longer than usual), his second work, the one in the video, focused on our weaker areas. Curt slowed things down so I could figure out my timing.

"Get your nose, get your rib cage, get your hand out towards me...," this is the sort of thing I hear. And the sort of thing you hear in this video since I didn't dub it with music this time around!