Saturday, March 6, 2010

Photo Enlargments...Help Me Decide...Please!

I'm just having the worst time of it. Deciding, that is. I'm horrible at decision making. Befuddled and confused. What should I order? How many should I expect to sell?

I don't know. I just don't know.

Help me, please. I need your help. In a most desperate way! In a couple more weeks I'll be at the expo in Albany, Oregon and at the Mustang U booth I'll have a handful of photographs that I'll be offering for sale. But which photos? And how many to bring? And what sizes should I have?

It makes my head swim when I look at all those that I've had sitting here on the hard drive for the past few years. Some that I loved early on are now only ho-hum to my way of thinking....I've simply seen them too often and am no longer swooning.

Take, for instance, this one. The lovely Beaty's Butte stallion we spotted during the Kiger adoption of '07. People still go weak at the knees over him, but I've grown accustomed to his looks and just shrug him off. So what do I do? Order a handful of note card sizes, and maybe a few 8x10s? Or should I expect that a dozen or more 8x10s would sell?


With the new Mr. Nikon, I can get a pretty decent sized enlargement of some of my more recent photos. But then I stop and ponder...does anyone really want a 20x30 for their living room wall? I mean...I know people buy them that big, but generally from better known photographers than this little po-dunk mustang pusher. So do I invest in a few poster sized photos?


And if so, how many? And do I stick to just the color version, or do I have a couple sepia toned images available as well?


Do you see my dilemma? Which images? How many? What sizes? And the hardest part...what sort of price point does one look at? I'm just so confused...


So you need to help me. That's why I have you, isn't it? To help me when I become befuddled?


Anonymous said...

I'm no good at this stuff - wish I could help. I guess you should just go with your gut and what you like best (?).

Patricia Barlow-Irick said...

the first one is dark but it would make a stunning wall photo. The other photos don't really compare. But the big one needs to be big. It's like a fantasy horse.

froglander said...

I think the first photo would make nice note cards as well as a larger image, larger as in bigger than an 8x10.

The one with the dark mare(?) I like better in sepia tones than in full color. That might look nice as a matted 8x10. Same with the pinto.

Have lots of fun!

Becky said...

The first one--- if you blew it up and then added a dark, dark purple matting (almost black) with a cherry or black frame, it would look incredible. It's the kind of picture I was always trying to find when I was a teenager to put on my one wall.

Shirley said...

The first one blows the others out of the water as far as artistic value goes. Any size would be good with that one.

Lea and her Mustangs said...

Tracey - my opinion and you know it is worth what it cost you = would be a couple of poster sized ones of the old stallion. and I would matte some 5 x 7 = those are the ones I usually would look at to purchase and a few 8 x 10's of various horses. I like the sepia of the one on the hill, the blue is too brilliant, remember its my opinion, and looks photo shopped.

DianneC said...

The ones you really liked when you first saw them, one large to show, several small to sell of each image. If you sell them all your price was too low. People will want to take a piece of the wild home with them.

BTW that B&W of the horses in the pens was stunning. Honor is great too! Don't try to figure what people will like. Have your own style, do what you were excited by. That being said, If you don't take that one of Darling in the pink dress and Steve Holt! I'll disown you.. LOL.

Paint Girl said...

I love the first photo, I think you should do a couple poster sized ones of it. I would put that one on my wall!
I like the sepia tone of the other one. I really like sepia and it looks better then the color version.
Is there a way that people can order what size and photo they want and you could send it to them (charging shipping of course!)? Or do people just want to purchase on the spot? I have no idea how it goes.
Good luck, I know that whatever you decide to do, you will sell lots!! Your photography is gorgeous!

Pony Girl said...

Well I am just as befuddled which is why I am no help and have yet to print out hardly any of my photos, LOL! I want to print and frame some to sell in my family's new flea market space, but I can't even begin to sit down and make decisions. I don't have frames right now either, so that makes it harder. I need to go on a frame hunt, then once I know the sizes I need, print some prints. I think I will frame hunt the second hand shops tomorrow, after I see My Boy!
Best of luck, your photos are gorgeous and I think they will all sell, regardless of size and color!!

Tracey said...


Here's the hard part. The one of the old stallion? He was far away, and that shot is blown up already. Won't go larger than an 11x14, but I'll certainly print some now that y'all have said IT'S THE ONE.

Dianne, Darling in pink dress...gotcha! And the black & white at the pens, do you mean the one of the backs?

Pony Girl, something I've learned (or at least read) is that you shouldn't spend too much on frames. Frame a few, but use mats on the bulk because people will switch out your frame.

I also like the sepia over the blue on the stallion (yes, Frog, it's a boy), and wasn't sure about the pinto mare at all to be honest (though I may fiddle with her as there's a bit of a watercolor quality there that needs to be brought out...maybe.)

Thanks so much for everyone's input! And I won't forget Honor (who could?), I've got to make that boy famous so that his son, Legacy, finds an appropriate home :-)

S said...

Just finished with the SnoCo tack sale and for the first time - someone brought in their "professional" photos. Two were matted and framed 11x14 pics so larger in the frames - #285 each. Did not sell. He had a box of just the pics with mats that were all 8x10 with the mats - $125. Do not know how many sold but I thought the idea was great. He had a couple really really nice ones on the wall which worked for the display and then people could buy the prints. They were all in cellophane bags and protected. I think he would've sold more but they were too high priced. AND for the record - your pictures are waaaay better.

Far Side of Fifty said...

From what I have seen and heard..smaller items at a lower price point are selling the best..notecards..refrigerator magnets..etc..big photos were just sitting on the tables:(