Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Ride...and June Bug needs Sponsors

I'd like to introduce you to June Bug. She's a four year old mustang mare who was bred in the wild, born in captivity. Like many mustangs, she's very curious and just a wee bit of a pocket pony. Or pest, as the case happens to be. It's unfortunate that June Bug hasn't been taught to respect the space of her human companions, something that has made her just a bit dangerous for those who are not horse savvy. I've been asked by Second Chance Ranch if I could help them out and give June Bug some manners as well as attempt to find her a home.

She's so cute!

If you'd be interested in sponsoring June Bug, you can paypal your tax deductible donation to


Darling grabbed this shot of Sandy munching on this lovely spring day in May

It was a lovely trail ride that Sandy and I went on the other morning. We were gone for two hours with our new friend, Liz. Although my back felt a bit fatigued by the end of the day, it was counter balanced by wading through a shallow river (to be honest, no different than our full creek) and traversing wooden bridges. Sandy's been full of energy, what with Darling doing all this trotting about in her little English saddle, that he barely turned a wet hair. And then, it was only beneath the saddle. Liz and I are planning on getting out again next week. There's to be a competitive trail ride down there next month, or so I've heard, and I'd like to get both Sandy and Steve Holt! legged up and in shape.

Speaking of Steve Holt!, he had himself a bit of a workout yesterday. I hauled down to Curt's where we began our ride in the round pen just to be sure he wasn't going to have a mental lapse. After it was apparent that he was on the right track, it was off to the arena where we had a bit of a refresher as to where we carried our head under saddle. But aside from some lookie loo moments, he worked very well and even dropped his head and kept a slow, steady gait at the lope for me. Truly amazing considering he was lucky to have had 70 rides on him prior to his 7 week vacation!


Paint Girl said...

That June Bug is the cutest thing!
Glad to hear you had a great ride on the trails, I love those trails and I am glad the stream isn't overflowing anymore!
Steve Holt! sounds like he is getting back into the swing of things!

Pony Girl said...

Oh, June Bug is cute little pocket pony!! Glad you had a good ride...would have been fun to join you guys! Maybe some time this summer!