Thursday, May 14, 2009

Let's Do Lunch!

This coming Sunday there is a meeting to which you are invited. It's the Northwest Region Wild Horse and Burro Association. Or club, depending on my mood and how formal I want to sound.

Basically, a handful of mustang enthusiasts who gather for a good meal and discussion on how to promote wild horse adoption in our region.

Right now we're working on the Youth & Yearlings program. Nine little punks young trainers went home a few weeks ago with yearlings and will be coming back to the youth show in July to strut their stuff. We're after sponsors for the classes. Off up $25 and you could be a celebrity for, oh, say 10 seconds when we announce your name over the PA system as the ribbons are being passed out.

Okay...longer than ten seconds, because we'll also list you in the program. Truly much more than 15 minutes of fame, and all for $25. Who says money can't buy you celebrity status?

Really? You knew you could buy it? Well, maybe...but you probably didn't realize it was so affordable, did you!

We'll also be discussing the upcoming National Wild Horse Adoption Day. Yes, that's right. There's been a special day set aside and a goal set of adopting out 1000 horses nationwide on that day. Or at least in the month of September.

Here's my challenge to y'all out there in equine land. Here in WA our club has set a goal of finding 50 homes for wild horses that month. If you live here, we could use your help in achieving that goal. If you live in another state? I dare you to out do us! Hit us with your best shot!

So seriously, if you're in NW WA...or anywhere else within driving distance, and you'd like to come join us, just pop me an email and we'll do lunch! Of course, consuming enormously large amounts of food and beverages is a must if you're planning on attending. Mostly because it'll make me feel better about all that I'll be shoveling into my mouth and the waddling I do on my way out. Much better to waddle in numbers, wouldn't you agree?


mkyamse said...

Love all the pics today!

smellshorsey said...

Can't wait to hear how the little punks do.

Enjoy every mouthful.

Lady Of Chaos said...

Sigh... I'm still on foalwatch. Bratty mare has not foaled and I'm sooo tired.

Maybe I'll make the next one...

Gecko said...

I still say the program is a FANTASTIC idea, and I wish someone in my area would do something simliar!