Monday, May 18, 2009

I Did It!

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Darling's Watercolor

"Here's my halter! Take me with you!"

Steve Holt! has been pacing the paddock and crying each time he sees the horse trailer getting ready to go somewhere. I've begun hauling him alongside Sandy up to the riding club in order to get our groundwork underway again before climbing back on. The last couple of rides on Sandy have indicated my back is ready, so it's simply a matter of making sure there are no loose threads after this seven week vacation.

"I'll be good...I promise!"
Last night Froglander came up and gave Darling a riding lesson. No time like the present to climb on my boy, I decided. I had two people there to pick up the pieces and dial 911 if needed. A couple other trainers had given their horses a month off after returning home from Expo and found they were starting all over again. One said it was as though his horse hadn't even been started. I doubted that was going to happen with Steve Holt!, but wasn't planning on being alone should last months buck be a new phase of his personality I'd not met up with.

As it turned out, I climbed on a horse who'd had a vacation, but was ready to go back to work. He didn't want to pick up the lope to the left and got a bit cranky, but in the end I won that battle, along with the mental battle over images of falling that had been in the back of my mind.

So it's been done. First ride after a far too long vacation. Walk, trot and lope in the round pen, both directions, without incident. I'm about to head off with Sandy as we're meeting up with Latigo Liz for a trail ride this morning, but Steve Holt! will find himself back under saddle again tonight. And tomorrow he's heading to Curt's where we'll ride a bit more.

Now, might I direct your attention to the adorable little filly below? No bids. Why? I do not know. The wrangler comments are "Great disposition, quiet but attentive". So why no bids? She's cute! You need her!

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Shirley said...

Love those photos of Steve Holt! who really is trying to be good. Glad you had a good ride on him and that your confidence wasn't shaken! That is indeed a sweet looking filly.

froglander said...

Yes you certainly did!

I didn't even realize until afterwords that this was your first ride back on him! Probably less stress that way that we just ignored you as I tortured Miss Darling in the arena...

Pony Girl said...

Good for you, I'm glad you got back on and he was a good boy. I love the picture of him looking over the gate next to his halter. He is really beautiful!
Enjoy your trail ride...bummed I couldn't meet up with you guys today....but maybe some time this summer!!!

Paint Girl said...

Steve Holt! is so beautiful in those pictures! He looks like he really wants to go!
Glad to hear you had a good ride!
I think that is one of the fillies I was eyeballing!

Angie at Free Rein said...

Man, if that first pic of SH! doesn't tug at your heart strings?!
Glad you're back on and doing well. My farrier and I talked mustangs today. He trims a few around here and is very encouraging...just got to talk the hubby into it.

Blackfeatherfarm said...

Steve Holt! is just a handsome fellow. Glad you got that ride in with out incident.
A darling looking filly, that girl. Someone take her home !

froglander said...

Looks like all the horses you posted about from the internet adoption got bids! The Oregon horses did pretty good, only 4 or 5 didn't get adopted, hooray :)

Callie said...

Glad that ride has worked out. And love the water color, but also love that filly, she is indeed really pretty! Have a fun trail ride!

Gecko said...

I'm behind again! =( Catching up now...

Yay for Steve Holt! What a good boy, ready for action again!!! =D

Oh boy my family is lucky I don't live in the States, otherwise every horse you put a cute pic up and saying no-one is bidding on them would be coming home with ME!!