Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Itching to ride and Another cutie overlooked

Steve Holt! is tired of vacation

Yesterday, Darling and I hauled Sandy and Steve Holt! up to the riding club where she rode and I hung out with my boy. He's beginning to get bored with no job, and it was all I could do to keep myself out of the saddle. My back still has a small sore spot which gives me little to no problem for the most part, but Steve Holt! is a big mover, and you may recall when I first climbed on board in January I could feel every hoof hit the ground for a solid month. So I'm determined to try to take this journey back into his saddle slow.

I'll likely fail. I'm good at failing things like this. Little tests of patience and such. Enough pain pills and it'll all be okay...right? Sure, it will! I hopped on Sandy's back a couple times last week without any issues, so the plan for the next few days is to work Steve Holt! from the ground, put a few more rides on Sandy to limber myself up, then back into my new saddle on a mustang who's now had as much time off as he had rides on him before our set backs.

Now you tell me, does this mare have Sandy's smiling eye, or what??? Why is no one bidding on such a good girl? I may have to bring her home. (Shhh...dont' read that part, City Boy!) Four years old and approx. 15.1, she's a decent sized girl. And she comes from Coyote Lakes, so perhaps she's related to Quiet Storm?

Again, the offer still stands. Any of the Oregon horses who are left after the adoption, I'd be happy to pick up for you and do the gentling if you'd like to adopt them. Let's find these lovelies homes!


Alexa said...

I've been lurking for a long time...as a horse-less horse lover I love reading about your adventures. Sadly I live on the east coast and am in no way able to get a horse at this point in my life.

I just wanted to say that your offer to pick up and gentle a horse is something I wish I could take advantage of and such a wonderful thing for you to offer for these gorgeous horses and their potential owners. I really admire your hard work, skill and generosity.

Tracey said...

Thank you, Alexa! And happy to have you come out of lurkdom. You know, we could probably find you an enabler of your own back east. Just say the word, you know I'm happy to help :>

froglander said...

That's a nice shot of SH! Hope you are able to get back in the saddle comfortably again soon!

You keep showing horses that had caught my eye when I first looked through the horses on the internet adoption this time around! And I see no one has bid on that gelding yet either :(

Kathie said...

I too am a lurker and have had significant interest with your experiences with SH. I would love to have a gentled Mustang - and am near the Vermont drop off but alas no way to get one of these guys back here.

I will keep looking at your site and quietly urge you on.


Tracey said...

Frog, I had a gentleman email me with a mild interest in that gelding. Should the horse not be adopted, hopefully he'll decide to adopt through the TIP program.

Kathie...hooray! Another lurker unmasked! Some day I'll need to figure out a way to enable the lot of you back east :>

Pony Girl said...

Steve Holt is looking good! I hope your back is feeling better soon so that you can get back in SH!'s saddle! I agree w/Alexa, your offers to help (enable) someone become a Mustang adopter is amazing!

Cheryl Ann said...

Tracey, I hurt my back last summer riding and my legs still hurt. I SHOULD be able to ride by mid-June! I have two mustangs myself. I would LOVE to go see the wild ones!

Paint Girl said...

SH is looking mighty fine!
Thanks for your offer of gentling one of these wonderful horses for me, I would take you up on the offer, if I wasn't losing my job in a couple weeks!
I have wanted to adopt and train a mustang for so long, I know it will happen someday!