Monday, October 20, 2008

Dancing Penguin

It has come to the attention of Jet that there is a horse out there by the name of Cholla who paints. Jet considered this for a moment, then requested I purchase her canvases, oils and brushes, plus a little beret for good measure.

I explained to her that a beret would not sit atop her head easily and may fall into her paints, and that I really didn't think that oils were the best place to start. She insisted that all the great masters painted in oils, but I stuck to my guns. She grumbled, but decided it was better than nothing.

Jet has discovered that holding a paint brush between one's teeth is not an easy thing to do, so she requested my help. She asked me to balance the paint brush while she moved it around with her tongue and applied paint to the water color paper. The end result?

Dancing Penguin!

If the weather clears up a bit later this week I'll see if she wants to paint another. I'm going to ask if she'll donate them to my fund raising drive for the Northwest Extreme Mustang Makeover.

Where does one market horse art?


simplymarvelous said...

Bravo, Jet! That is not only artistic ... it is down right brilliant!

Last year I wrote a story about Cholla and have now learned he has gone International and is earning some fair bucks (sorry) for his artwork.

I've got to have a chat with Royal!

Keep up the good work, Jet!

Saddle Mountain Rider said...

This is a brilliant work of art! Jet is ready to join the masters!

NWHS said...

I love it! Maybe you can hold a horse art auction once she builds up a body of work.

Was the title of the work your choice or Jet's?

Karyn "KC" Cowdrey said...

WEll Tracy,

I say you market the artwork via NW Horse Source's Equine Market place which offers free online text ads!

You should see if Jet will paint of a holiday themed piece of art you can print into a Holiday greeting card (Dancing Penguin is winter themed at least, lol)....

Perhaps you can put them up for silent bid auction during your Hags for Stangs fund raising show????

Karyn "KC" Cowdrey
BlackFyre Farms, Bellingham, WA

Callie said...

Yay! Jet! Ihope tosee in the Metropolitan Art Museum someday!

Rising Rainbow said...

Who knew that Jet has such talent?