Sunday, July 27, 2008

Who's Who's Horse?

Otterkat left a comment recently about being confuddled around here regarding who's horse was who's. As in, at one time Darling and I talked about trading Firecracker for Jet, and Jet would belong to Darling. Otterkat also recalled that it was Darling who'd decided that Quiet Storm was too small and she needed a taller horse.

Congratulations, Otter, for paying attention! Gold star to you, girl!

Quiet Storm learns to carry a bit

Yes, Darling had decided to pass QS along, but it was impulse shopping while in Burns that spurred her into that decision. For a solid month afterwards she moped and cried about selling her best friend. She'd break out in tears walking through the mall and climb out of bed in the mornings and come sit in my lap and shed more tears. I had a lot of wet shoulders. That little horse meant a lot to her, and they were best friends. She hadn't known that QS was going to be at the adoption, I'd not told her in advance. Perhaps I should have, just to get her heart prepared.

Thing is...I'm finding my heart being wrenched around now, too, since she's come back into our lives. There's something terribly special about that little horse and I'm struggling just as much as Darling.

Darling's boy, Dude Lee Doright

As for Jet...Darling enjoys her immensely, especially now that she's able to be ridden a bit more, but a few days after the 'trade' she said she didn't really know if it's what she wanted to do. Then she picked out Dude while we were in Pasco last month, so that is her true horse.

City Boy enjoys Jet, too, and has staked a claim. Of course, we told him it was his horse when we drove into the driveway with her last year. What a super gift, eh? Not all wives and daughters would have been so considerate! So of course she belongs to him...he's just gracious enough to let me ride.
Jet Storm


Gecko said...

Yes it is all a bit confusing, I'm doing my best to keep up, haha! Especially since I haven't long discovered this blog really. But every time I read a post another piece falls into place.

Anonymous said...

Love that picture of Jet. Doesn't matter who is whose. they are all beautiful.

Pony Girl said...

Jet is a beauty! Wish my boy's mane was that long! ;)

Thats great City Boy staked a claim, too!

Tracey said...

It's a bit like Who's On First, isn't it, Gecko? LOL...

Thanks Lea and PG; people always fall for her! She just seems to be able to wave a wand over their good sense, lol!

jules / otterkat said...

Ah thanks, it's all clear now [ha!] What a great bunch of ponies! Think of all the great family outings & date weekends you'll be able to have, out on the trail.

Oh, poor D, she obviously has a very strong tie to Quiet Storm, & the pony to her ... that's a tough one. I'm certain you'll find QS a wonderful home where she will be equally beloved, in the meantime it's lovely she's back with you guys for a holiday. [& such a pity I live in Oz b/c she's just what I'm looking for - & just my size too!]