Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Cowpony

I cornered Curt. He was hurting...his shoulder was giving him problems. But I was NOT going to back down or lay off. Nosireebob! I wanted to work that bull! Having more stamina than the old man, I got my way, and out came the hydrabull!

Sandy trailed it beautifully, keeping pace with it rather nicely for his first time. Curt said he'd expected that he'd be afraid of it, but he wasn't. He trotted around on the inside of the circle, keeping his nose tipped out towards the bull as he kept an eye on it. He didn't understand the stop and turn stuff; we mostly just did circles. But a couple of times he had to turn and came nose to nose with the bull. His ears were forward and he wasn't too sure what this was all about as that thing came within breathing distance of him, but he never tried to shoot in a different direction. All in all, I was right proud of my boy.

That was last week. I drove back down again today for lesson number two. This time, Sandy began to figure out the stopping thing. The bull stops, the Sandy stops. He only got it on his own a couple of times, but that's a couple of times more than a lot of horses do on their second lesson, and Curt was pleased. Me, too! Sandy, however, just wanted to finish up so he could go eat grass.

I'd love to have photos for you, but again...who's going to take them? Me? Sandy? The Hydra Bull??? Darling may have to come along next week to satisfy your curiosity!


Mrs Mom said...


Calling Curt an Old Man though might get your tush into trouble there..hehehe... ;)

Pony Girl said...

Thats good news! Right on, Sandy! I've never watched a horse work the hydra bull. Wish I could see it. How does a horse transition to working a real cow from the mechanical one?

Gecko said...

I was wondering the same thing as pony girl...that would just confuse the crap outta my boy. Unless maybe they just get used to following moving things like that?

Tracey said...

Mrs, I've called him worse, lol!

Pony and Gecko, the horses transition quite well from the bull to a real cow. And like you suggested, Gecko, they get used to following moving things. A flag attached to a pulley, operated by someone on a bicycle also gets the horse used to following a moving object, but it's not as effective as a three dimensional moving bull. Curt's been on Clinton Anderson with the bull; episode 48 if you want to try to find a copy!

Nikki said...

Hey Tracey, are you doing any farmer's markets this summer? Just curious, Nikki

Callie said...

Tracey, I am a dork! I promised weeks ago that I would buy the soap and I plum forgot! I use my brain lesions as my excuse! Anyway, I just have! Great news on Sandy, keep up the good work!