Thursday, July 24, 2008

Out of the Dog House and Up on the Trail

City Boy brought me breakfast. He's working nights, so gets home at 7 am. He brought me a package of Rolos and a Diet Pepsi. He loves me...

Yesterday morning I saddled up Sandy and took him out for a trail ride. This was his second journey around the tree farm and up onto one of the trails. It's not the easiest trail as it's pretty steep; same one I started Jet out on. He does well, however, and I've been pleased with how he handles himself. When he sees something that he feels may be threatening he doesn't bolt or spook, but rather stops and stands his ground, then slowly approaches like he's trying to scare it off. So far he's not been able to intimidate the shadows or tree stumps; they've stood their ground as well!

In the afternoon it was Jet's turn to head out. We've been venturing further and further, and yesterday I decided she was steady enough for me to have my camera along. Depending on your connection, this could be a good thing, or a bad thing! Either way, sit back and take a journey up into the foothills that I call home.

Jet wonders if she should target my left knee, right knee, or perhaps both as we go between the knee knockers ahead!

The trail is steep. Steeper than the photo eludes to. I put the camera away as we headed up this section of trail, closed my eyes and hung onto her mane!

Yes, this is the hill I just climbed up over the top of!


The view is fantastic! No wonder I had a hitchhiker!

Looking down, I see the valley below where I live.

It was an overcast day, but you can still make out Vancouver Island (Canada) way, way out in the distance.

Hope you enjoyed piggy backing with Jet and I...and that little green worm! I gotta go finish my breakfast now.


Callie said...

Beautiful photos, LOL, on Jet and the narrow tree path. I had a gelding that always manged to wack my knees into the trees.

Tracey said...

Glad you like the photos! I've been calling it the Whack A Knee game that she plays. Usually it's my right knee as she has a hard time bending that way. Can't tell you how bruised I was that first week, lol!

Anonymous said...

My kind of breakfast only make it Diet Coke. Good trails to practice on. Loved your pictures.

Mrs Mom said...

Oh wow Tracey. Thats amazing. (Also reminds me of why I like living on FLAT LAND

Thanks for taking us along girl. Jet looks like she is really making fantastic progress, as is Sandy. Give them all a rub from the now flat-lander! ;)

Jeanette said...

Tracey, those are beautiful photos, they make me homesick. I grew up near the Puget Sound riding horses on hills that look so much like your pictures. Now I live near the other Vancouver and the views and vistas are just not the same. Thank you for bringing your camera!

CTG Ponies said...

Great photos! Thanks for posting!

Gecko said...

Sounds like City Boy forgave you! I knew he wouldn't mind an extra horse...or two. =P

Pony Girl said...

WOW, what a ride! I wish our tree farm had a view like that.

I always hold my breath when I take pictures riding. My Boy is steady and calm, but you never know! As much as I would like a bigger, nicer camera, I don't think I could take anything bigger than my point-and-shoot out on the trail!