Monday, July 28, 2008

Simply Magic

The new boys are settling in around here. I've been having so much fun working so hard out on the trail with Jet and Sandy that I've not spent much time behind the camera lens photographing them, sadly. I thought about hauling my camera out at feeding time this morning as the sun hasn't quite poked it's sleepy head up over the hill yet and the lighting is fantastic...but some little skunk head borrowed my camera yesterday and left it in the trunk of City Boy's car...which is now 50 miles south of here. So no new photos. Yet.

In Molalla, aside from getting into trouble for hauling four horses home, I also met up with a friend from a northwest forum named Skittles. Okay, that's not her real name, but it's what she goes by online, therefore it's what she shall be called here.

Skittles wanted a horse, and for some reason all my romantic talk of mustangs had her thinking she absolutely MUST adopt. And of course, being the friendly enabler I am, I was more than happy to help her out in that endeavor. We spent the better part of Saturday morning moseying up and down the alleyways between the corrals looking at the horses. Her husband was partial to darker colored horses, as was she. They also preferred geldings, and they wanted something stout.

We found a super little yearling gelding, but decided it'd be a couple years before he was ready. But up in another pen of geldings stood a chunk of a brown three year old. He had a few nicks and dings from the other horses and was definitely the bottom of the pecking order in this group of four. Darling had liked him Friday night and Saturday morning told me that if I was getting the bay, that the brown really needed to come home with us as well because they were best buds. So when Skittles and her husband saw him and liked him, Darling was quite happy.

Skittles and her husband named the gelding Simply Magic, and he's been sent home with me for 30 days of gentling. Magic is not a hugely tall horse, but there's no doubt as to the drafty influence; this boy is mammoth! Huge shoulders, humungous hiney, and heavy neck. Thankfully he has no clue just how big he is or he'd steamroll right over me. As it is, he shares with Sandy a bit of timidity and isn't too eager to get up close and personal.

The goal for Magic over the next three weeks is to get him relaxed and easy to catch. He wants to be my buddy. He wants to be brave. But he hangs back and prefers to stay safe inside his bat cave, aka stall, rather than joining me outside in the sunlight. He has, however, learned to give to the pressure of the lead and is now following me, although a bit reluctantly, around his pen. Last night he was brave enough to let me touch him, even outside of his bat cave.


Mrs Mom said...

Wow- what a hunky boy there. In more ways than one! I like his tush. ;)

Like his bone too.

Cant wait to read more on his progress Tracey!!!

Katee said...

heehee bat cave heehee! I love that you are enabler...and I'm glad I live waaaaayyyy over here in Minnesota! :)

nikki said...

I think what you and your family do for people and mustangs is so wonderful!

I wish that I could take on more mustangs to gentle and find them loving homes but I have such a weak heart and I get so attached. It is hard for me to let them go. It would not be so bad for me if I knew that they would have a good loving home for the rest of their lives and if I could visit or maybe get an update once in a while. I just worry that they would end up in an abusive situation or sold to a meat buyer.

Keep up the great work and thanks for all that you do and for posting it on your blog!!! : )

Callie said...

Good Grief! That's one impressive butt!

Anonymous said...

Way to go girlfriend- Wish I lived closer so we could coordinate some of these things. Other half seems determined to mess his body up this summer.

GardenGoose said...

he's a good looking one..hope he takes to gentling rather quickly.
I like his name too.
hope you have a great week.

GardenGoose said...

he's a good looking one..hope he takes to gentling rather quickly.
I like his name too.
hope you have a great week.

Mrs Mom said...

Tracey- an award awaits you at my blog! ;)

Mrs Mom said...

Tracey- an award awaits you at my blog! ;)

otterkat said...

He's a nice chunk of horse, looks like he'll be a sweet boy too. I really love these mustangs ...

So I'm still trying to do the maths here. You came home with the bay rabicano, Simply Magic, Quiet Storm, & no. 4 ... which of the others did you pick?

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Pony Girl said...

Nice gelding....good size and color. I'm curious to hear how he turns out! Skittles and a little (big!) Magic! ;)