Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Two Amazing Things...

Darling still searches for the perfect 'Dwight Storm' and thinks perhaps this mare may fit the bill?

Flashy gelding was one of the few adopted this past weekend.

A tall, brown yearling filly...I think Darling may need her, what do you think?

Really. I promise. It's amazing!

Are you ready for this?

I went to an adoption and didn't bring home a horse!!!

Told you it was amazing.

Wait...I brought home Sandy. But that doesn't count, right? I didn't bring home a new horse is what I meant to say. Although...there were a couple that caught my eye! In particular, this lovely four year old mare. She was listed as brown, but there was a nice big stripe down her back, which of course makes her a dun. Not that it matters all that much what color she is; I just loved how she was put together. Nice big hip, kind eyes, and well balanced. A wee bit long in the back, I suppose, if you want to get picky, but a nice looking mare over all.

One of Sandy's new girlfriends was a lovely little strawberry roan. She was a bit on the playful side, and I think Sandy found it charming. She'd come to the corner and begin splashing water all over the place, and it never ceased to draw his attention and cause him to walk over to her. I wonder if this is the horsey version of a wet tee shirt contest?

It was a disappointing adoption in terms of how few horses were adopted out. With 30 or so available, only 7 found new homes. We've got one more adoption in WA in June. Our local fair has agreed to let us do a mini-adoption and gentling demos up here in August, however, so perhaps we'll be able to move a few more into good homes. Anyone here feel the need to adopt one of America's Living Legends?

Okay, are you ready to be amazed a second time in one post?

Sit down deep in that computer chair, now...

We loped today! Oh...and was it ever a dream. Smooth as silk. It all went very well, too. I'd worked him from the ground for a couple of hours, then asked Curt to fix my reins (there was a slight malfunction) and while he was out I let him know I needed him to stand alongside Sandy so I could mount.

Curt had other ideas.

What's new, right?

He put the lunge line on and sent me off at a brisk trot, had me turn and sent me off the other way, still fast. Then off came the line and back he stepped.

"You're going to get to about there," he pointed to a spot about three strides from the wall, "and ask him to pick up his lope. I'll just stand here and block his way if he tries to come this direction."

Um...yeah...you'll stop him. Okay, Curt, whatever you say. The first few circles were done at a trot, and when I reached the gate I asked for a stop. This had him thinking 'quit' rather than run off a few strides into his circle. Once he had that routine down, I sat down deep and let the reins go, asking him to step into a lope. And he did! A couple circles around using half the arena, then stop, turn, and trot off the other way before repeating the pattern. And we never had to test Curt's ability to stop a runaway horse!

A couple hours later, Jay showed up. I told him about the first ride, and he and I repeated it. Two rides in one day...and nice loping to boot! What a great feeling...

Please say your prayers for Sandy! Ask God to find him the perfect new home so that I don't need to worry about him :)


Rising Rainbow said...

No extra horse and loping all in one post........that is amazing! lol

I'm glad that Sandy did well in Spokane and that neither of you melted in the heat.

I've seen that horse sculpture but didn't recall it having that many horses. Are they adding to them?

Congratulations on the loping!!

Pony Girl said...

Congrats on the loping!! That is great news! Too bad more horses weren't adopted at the expo. I would if I could. It's one of my goals some day. That little strawberry roan was a doll. And loved the bay mare you picked out too, very kind eye!

Gecko said...

Congratulations!! It's amazing when you take steps forward! Looking forward to hearing more!

Callie said...

Terrific! Congrats on the loping! And you didn't bring home an extra piece of heritage! That's hard not to do for most of us!

Katee said...

Did I mention that some of the bloggers at the Midwest Challenge printed their blogs out and attached them to the outside of their horses' stalls? The blogs give potential adopters so much good information. I thought it was a great way for those horses to find wonderful new owners.

Congrats on the lope--that's GREAT!

Tracey said...

Thanks everyone! I was pretty happy with how it went.

Katee, I'd have to publish a book from this blog, lol! I think I post more than the average trainer :) I do hope to get a scrap book put together, however, that his new adopter can take with him. (Golly, thats hard to say!)

Mrs Mom said...

Way To Go Tracey and Sandy!! We are wicked proud of you guys! :)

Hey- do not joke about publishing a book on this-- I'll be in touch with our publisher soon, and will be sending her your way. ;) Time will tell....

Its hard to read about someone else adopting Sandy too.... I can only imagine how it must feel to you. Chin up though-- you are doing right by him, and just think of all he has taught, that you can carry on to the next horse in your life that needs you.

Gypsyheart Lady said...

Really enjoyed "Two Amazing Things". Will look forward to reading more Mustang Diaries !
By the way, do you know anyone experienced in dealing with a blind wild mustang?