Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It'll be so Boring...

"...there won't be anything to post about on your blog."

That's what Jay was saying as he led me around the arena early yesterday morning. He was walking and talking and taking care of my nerves as his hand was slowly slipping under Sandy's chin to unsnap the lunge line. Two other people were standing at what Jay described as the 50 yard line, a teensy little wall that was to serve as a visual barrier to Sandy so that he'd think the arena was only half the size it was.

And then he was gone. Sandy was beneath me, walking in circles and wondering why we weren't moving out a bit faster. I did figure 8's and stopped and had him rock backwards a step or two, then turned and walked the other way. And after a few minutes Jay's voice came from that 50 yard line and suggested perhaps we try a trot? So we did, and it all went smoothly and nothing bad happened. Our first successful arena ride...solo...was under our belt! Not that I was wearing a belt; under the cinch, maybe?

Today was another day. The hydra bull was working and three horses were warming up. Jay was riding JoJo and I was leading Sandy with a great deal more commotion than he's seen to date. He was fine, stood quietly while the horses took their turns at the bull. He even watched the bull a bit, and I had a wee little nag inside saying that I'd have to get him following that thing before too long.

With lessons finished and Jay putting JoJo away, I brought Sandy into the center and lunged him. He was quiet, relaxed, and not feeling at all fresh. Jay came out to finish warming him up as I went for my helmet. Helmet on, I climbed on board and had a few minutes of leading and lunging before Jay eased the line off and stepped away.

Curt and a couple of the others had left for a quick lunch, and when they returned they found me riding at a trot, serpentining my way back and forth across the arena, stopping and backing. A few eyes were widened and I heard "That was nice!" from someone when I dropped my reins and said "Whoa"; Sandy had came to a soft, light on the forehand stop. I then asked for the back up and he collected himself up nicer than ever and took four very willing steps backwards just to show off a little to his audience.

And despite what Jay said, I still had plenty to post about!


Anonymous said...

Tracey - wonderful, wunerful. Good job. I still am just a wee bit jealous that you had the guts to get a riding horse. Lea

Mrs Mom said...

LOL silly Jay! Of COURSE there will be tings to post about on the blog! There are still FC and Crew as well... ;)

Jessie said...

Sounds like a great ride. I had one of those today, after Remington's bucking fit last week (while I was on the ground) it sure was nice to have a good, sane ride on the horse that I though may be reverting to his wilder days.

Stop by my blog for your award!

Rising Rainbow said...

WOW! (are you getting sick of my He's coming along nicely! what a good boy he is and you're doing a great job.