Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Little Q and A

Got a question about Sandy's training or the upcoming adoption? Post it in the comments these next couple of days and I'll answer this weekend.

The other day my folks came out to watch me ride Sandy, bringing along two of my nieces. Mom took some video, then sent her camera home so I could upload it, but I think I need City Boy to take a look and make it compatible with the computer before it'll work.

While there, Mom asked how much I thought Sandy would sell for. That's something I really can't answer. The average price in Madison was $1899...or something close to that. Just under $2,000 per horse, basically. Will they sell for more in Sacramento? Some think so. Why, mom, are you thinking of adopting him?

Mom also asked what I'd do with him if I had him. Well...ride him, I guess. Darling and I thought about heading down to Oregon next year for a few weeks to do some long rides. We'd love to head out into some of the HMA's and see the horses out in the wild. I have to admit I've thought a few times that Sandy would make a dandy mount out there. Three horses would be better than two as I'd have one that could pack supplies. And by next summer he'd be a horse that just about anyone could ride. He could pack my niece, Miss Banana Head, around when she came and wanted to ride.

I've spent some time wondering just what's in store for my boy in the future. As someone mentioned in the comments, he looks like a dressage prospect in the making. I thought so, too, although at first Jay felt his hock and knee action was a bit high for that. He's really reaching forward now, and as Katee pointed out he's got great cadence for such a young horse in a tight spot. That's something that's just blown me away; they're normally so awkward those first few rides, but what you saw in the video is what he's offered up each and every time.

I've spent this week trying to detach myself emotionally. I think Jay is doing the same thing as he told me he probably wouldn't be coming by this week. I think he fell in love, too.

One thing I wanted to do with Sandy before he left and still haven't is to follow that bull. Curt was supposed to be leaving today for a cutting, but yesterday the plans changed and he's staying home. Maybe there's still a chance?

Please say your prayers for Sandy! Ask God to find him the perfect new home so that I don't need to worry about him :)

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Rising Rainbow said...

I can't believe the time is gone already. It seems like it's just flown by. I'm sure it feels like it went even faster for you, since you're the one doing all the work. We've all just been sitting here watching. lol

It might be fun to see what he'd do with that bull.

When do you leave?

Christa said...

Tracey I love what you have done with Sandy. I know that we are all gonna miss him but not half as much as you. Who knows maybe he might just end up back here in Washington :) I hope that no matter where he ends up that he will be a happy boy and whoever gets him will continue what you have started as I think you have done an amaizing job!


Pony Girl said...

Can't wait to hear what happens in Sacremento. You have put a lot of work and love into Sandy. He will do very well and wherever he ends up, he will be successful and loved.