Monday, May 5, 2008

Circles and Backing and Bridges, Oh My!

I'm sorry. I'm a bad blogger. I didn't have anyone take photos!

Today Sandy and I went solo! Jay started out with the lead in the round pen. We did a circle or maybe two, then off came the rope and away we went. Circles left and right, figure 8's, turning into the wall, and even a make believe roll back. Sandy got to the point where he was listening and associating my weight shifting or hand changing with stops and turns. He was a bit stiff turning to the left to begin with, but going to the right he sailed around.

I added the back-up today and after a couple of awkward attempts he again began associating my body position with putting it into reverse. He got so good that he started second guessing and each time I shifted and asked for a whoa, he immediately took a step backwards.

Today we also added a new element, compliments of Jay who provided us with not one, but two bridges! We didn't do much with them today, but I did convince Sandy to pick up the front feet and come up for a treat. Some horses spook at the sound of their feet on the wood, but it didn't appear to bother Sandy at all. Of course, when I'm on his back and not standing in front with a goodie, that may change!

I left him alone for a couple of hours so he could eat his beet pulp for lunch, then went back and rode a few more minutes this afternoon. I'm so pleased with today's progress! We'll be riding twice a day now to build up his confidence, and a little later this week we'll try solo in the arena. And yes...I!

Join the Hay Burner's Club and donate $15 towards Sandy's upkeep and I'll send you a 5x7 photo (once the horse is here, of course.) Or buy advertising space in the form of a button.


Callie said...

Awesome! Great job! You guys are going to do so well at the challenge!

Tracey said...

Thank you, Callie. I'm just going to be happy if we can actually complete the course, lol! I've heard it's going to be held outside, so that should be of some benefit as the sound of the crowd won't be so deafening (or at least that's what I'm praying for!)

Pony Girl said...

Sounds like you and Sandy are making such great progress! Has Tangy had her foal? I have a feeling it's going to be tonight! ;)

Tracey said...

Oops! Forgot to give y'all an update on Tangy! She foaled Friday night. While I was there during the day I could see her vulva relaxing and a wee bit of bloody show. I'd been hand walking her every day last week, but Friday I turned her out on her own. She followed me around and refused to leave my side (normally she'd have bolted away like a crazy horse, lol!) After I went home, she began full blown labor and gave birth approx. 10:30 to a red stud colt.

I'll try to get shots of the two of them when they get out to play later this week. Right now they're in their stall bonding :)

Mrs Mom said...

Way to go Tracey and Sandy!!!! You guys are doing awesome. ;) Cant wait to see pics of you two on the bridge. Too kewl that Jay is able to help so much too.

Congrats to Curt and Tangy on the colt!

Rising Rainbow said...

YOu are just sailing along. I need to get back in the saddle. Your mustang is going to be more broke than my Arab. But then I'm older and a bigger chicken, I should get a handicap. lol

Katee said...

You are doing so great. Your progress is going to feel like it is picking up a lot of speed now that you're riding solo. Do you have somebody lined up for video/photo at the main event?