Thursday, February 14, 2008


Doesn't this face just have love written all over it? If you're a clever reader, you'll realize this photo has the old halter on, though, and is from Firecracker's earlier days here. Not that it matters, I still get that look.

I recently attended a Ken McNabb colt starting clinic and was reminded of this lovely shot of FC when he told us, "My mom always used to say we could call her whatever name we wanted as long as she never heard it come out our mouth." Pretty much sums it up for the attitude here. Dirty looks are one thing, but I'd better not ever see those teeth coming at me!

In the rain yesterday, I dutifully went outside, put the halter on Miss Love Bug here, and then followed up with the saddle blanket. Barely any reaction at all. Well...barely any for her, that is. She still had a look of concern, but allowed me to approach without climbing the round pen rails. Major improvement over the day before. I pulled it off, put it on, pulled it off, put it on, then reached over the back to pat the opposite side and rub on her barrel. All this was done with her ears twitching nervously and her teeth clenched. But she didn't bolt out from under it, so I went on to phase two... Or by now, perhaps it's phase 22?

The saddle has been sitting on the rail of her stall for two months. Of course, so was the blanket, and we know how well she accepted that. I wasn't sure what she'd say to me carrying the saddle up to her, but she stood (relatively) still, a bit of a tremble, but not darting out away from me. She let me rub it on her shoulder, barrel, then lift it over her back. She wasn't happy about the entire situation and showed just how uncomfortable she was with it when I crossed to the left side, as she swung herself around as quickly as she could, leaving the saddle suspended in air only briefly before it came crashing down into the mud.

Saddles eat Mustangs, you know.

Attempt #2 went smoother. She again stood relatively still and allowed me to place the scary thing up onto her back. I crossed to the other side with no problems this time and rocked the saddle back and forth. Tense, but no bolt. I led her a few steps forward so I could grab my camera and got yet another "I love you this much" photo.

And I might add...have you noticed the pepto pink is gone? Hey, it stayed up until this morning, officially Valentine's Day. But like most of you, I just couldn't stand it anymore! Happy Valentine's Day, everyone, and hopefully your ponies will offer you the same love FC offers me. Okay, maybe a bit more :)

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Mrs Mom said...

It just dawned on me-- you are out there in the RAIN. I figure its because you see a LOT of rain where you are... but it did impress me with your dedication to the horses!! FC is looking good. ;) I love watching her progress here.

As to the equine love factor... welllll.... Little Mare is happy enough, Sonny the Rehab Horse yawns at the thought... but to cut them some slack they WERE driven nuts by the high winds here last night. They are some tired ponies today!

Hope you dry out soon, and I cant wait to see the Mustang Eating Saddle story continue!

Mrs Mom said...

PS- Thanks for getting rid of that PINK! LOL

Anonymous said...

I finally got around to posting my 7 things I'd like to accomplish in 2008.... you can see it here:

Happy Valentine's Day!

Paul said...

You are one patient trainer! Now, I'd play baseball in the rain ("the ol' horsehide"), but workin' a skittish horse...?

You're a winner.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I did know saddles eat mustangs - all horses. And rocks, eat horses, and empty barrels, and tractors and bicycles.

Sorry I haven't been by. Only visiting/commenting on the weekends now. It was beginning to take up way too much time doing it every day.

Anonymous said...

Tracey, She loves you, she just doesn't know how much yet. I told Nikki I would tell you that you freeze her puter up with the changes you made here. Any ideas?Lea

Callie said...

Love the face! My best friend's mare, Stacey Oak, loves her too. LOL