Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Is there a Doctor on the Blog?

Just when you think it's safe to go back in the water...er...blogosphere. Just when you've picked yourself up from the bathroom floor and pulled your head away from the porcelain throne and have brushed that horrible after taste out of your mouth, you find your knees suddenly weak and your head swimming with the thought of being tagged twice more!

What is with you people? Have I not played nicely with you in the sandbox? Did I throw sand in your eyes or something? Steal your shovel? Send the cat your way, telling her it was a litter box sent down from the heavens before your mother sent you out to play?

So here's the deal. MiKael has tagged me again. The riding gloves are coming off, now, woman! Did you not read my list from before, when Mudranch tagged me back? Fitzgerald's don't get even, we get ahead. And never fear, my dear, you're in for it now. Deep mudnure is coming your way...

Now, MiKael at least gave a twist to the seven things virus. I get to list seven things about my horses. So here it goes.

I'm a butterfly! I'm a butterfly! I'm a big, black butterfly!

1) Jet believes in her heart that her tail and mane are butterfly wings, and that if she flaps them hard enough she'll fly.

2) Jet is oral. Very, very oral. She stood at the fence and with the help of her long legs was able to reach over the top and grab Pokey, the ram, by the wool. Pokey thought he was being groomed and just stood there for a good thirty minutes. Either that or Jet just wasn't letting go. Could have been either.

3) Firecracker thinks if she doesn't look at you, it means you're not there. "I can't see you, therefore you do not exist" is her motto.

4) Firecracker is playful. She likes to pick the water heater up out of the water tub and then drop it back in and make it splash. Maybe I'll get her a sprinkler for summer.

"What size do you wear? Will you share?"

5) Quiet Storm wanted us to share our boots with her. She didn't care that we were still wearing them, trying constantly to slip her foot in alongside our foot as we'd lead her along.

6) Quiet Storm had so much mane that it parted down the middle and fell onto both sides of her neck, and it was still thicker on each side than any other horse I've owned.

7) Before leaving us, Sunny became an apple addict. In fact, two days before heading to her new home, she took an apple from my hand. It took ten months for her to decide something tasted good enough to risk putting her muzzle on someone's hand.

There. One virus down. And one more to go!

One Cowgirl has tagged me for a bucket list. Five things you want to do before you die, based on the movie The Bucket List.

1) Get a manicure. My fingernails are horrible. Filthy. Broken, torn, jagged... Can someone help me? Is it possible to own horses and have decent looking nails?

2) Hire a maid. Yes. I want someone to come in and clean up after me. I know City Boy is going to say he does that all the time, but I'm thinking maybe he wants a day off?

3) Learn how to make something other than reservations for dinner. I know, at 46 what's the point? You're right. Scratch that.

3) Travel around the country. There's so much to see here in the US, and I rarely get outside of Washington. Not that this isn't a stunningly beautiful state, but I'd like to know what the rest of you look at outside your front doors.

4) Wash my windows. It rains a lot in Washington, and if I could just get the cats to hold a little bit of newsprint full of Windex while they're pawing to get in...

5) Y'know, I think I really ought to cook at least one meal in my life. Something other than hot dog casserole... (oops! Did I just mention hot dog casserole? Oye...)

Now, who to tag? Well, obviously MiKael needs to do the bucket list. I'll also tag Paul, Rachel Whetzel, Andrea and Jean.


Paul said...

Well...that's a new one, but a good idea. I guess. Tell ya what I'm gonna do: I've been needing some blog fodder, so I'm in. But there's a catch. It's gotta wait a few days. I'm busy. One of the things I want to do before I die is not be busy.
So don't touch that dial. Stay tuned. I'll let you know.

You going to Blogstock 08?

Rachel Whetzel said...

WHAT did I EVER do to YOU!?! lol Thanks for the tag! I'll get RIGHT on that... heh heh. Just FYI if tagging were a chain letter, I would be dead from all the bad that would have happened from my "breaking the chain". :)

Rising Rainbow said...

I have to say I'm not surprised. I saw you were tagged with this earlier today and I was pretty darn sure you were going to send it my way.

I have to say you have been a good sport and so sooooooooo funny about this! I sure hope we don't have to wait until spring for these darn epidemic of viruses to be over.

Tracey said...

Paul, are you kidding? Not be busy is an option for the bucket list? Sheer genius! Wish I'd thought of it.

Rachel, so sorry, hon. I've run out of victims...er...regulars here at the diaries so felt the need to pass it off...er...share it with a few folks from Carpenter Creek.

MiKael, I someone didn't think I'd take you by surprise, lol! You'd better start wearing one of those doctor's masks to keep the germs out. Me, too, for that matter!

OneCowgirl said...

Love your bucket list. Thanks for playing! Definitely hire a maid!! And though I want to travel extensively in Africa there is SOOO MUCH I want to see in the US!

Rising Rainbow said...

yes, I'm thinking one of those masks might be in order. But do I put it on me or my blog? lol

Anonymous said...

these are two really good lists. well done.